Erring drivers in Mandaue settle fines after receiving notice

·1 min read

SEVERAL motorists in Mandaue City have already settled their traffic violations, said an official of the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (TEAM).

Edwin Jumao-as, TEAM director, told reporters on Thursday, June 16, he noticed that quite a number of traffic violators have gone to their agency to pay their penalties.

On June 3, the agency had given traffic violators a seven-day grace period to settle their fines, or they would face arrest via a bench warrant.

Meanwhile, TEAM also conducted bicycle counting starting last week to identify the number of bikers who use the city's bike lane, especially during peak hours.

The counting will last for 15 days, and TEAM will do a separate counting for leisure and bike-to-work bikers.

Jumao-as stated that the Mandaue City government launched the project to further improve the city's bike network further and make Mandaue a bike-friendly city. (HIC)

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