Espina: Celebrations 2

·1 min read

We are all happy to see so many types of celebrations in Cebu. After the serious threats of the pandemic, there have been more festive celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, community projects, product launching, sports and what have you.

Public and private schools had selective face-to-face classes. It is a pity that the usual problems of classrooms, broken chairs, shortage and dirty comfort rooms, among so many other deficiencies, still plagued some public schools. The last minute preparations never left us.

On the more positive side, businesses like the hotel and tourism, are fast picking up.

Malls, supermarkets and restaurants are doing well, too, but online business is still lucrative.

Cebu will continue to hurdle crisis after crisis because we never give up.

“In my Diary” has some socials to celebrate with the best of Cebu’s events after the pandemic.