Espina: Children are blessings

Mila C. Espina
·1 min read

I am a “ninang” to a few children of my University of San Jose-Recoletos Dramatics and Cultural Ensemble alumni who married well and now are raising their own children in different parts of the globe. Oh, what joy to watch them, from “babyhood” to early ages.

I share the joy of Adam and Anna Fegi Brown who are now blessed with a bubbly, healthy girl, Amaria. Anna is a “hands-on” mother and with Adam, practices safe rearing duties for a child they prayed for a long time. And she, so far, is doing well, putting her singing career aside for the meantime.

I got some photos, some sent to me, and others from my Facebook collections, of cute babies and growing up children from my relatives, friends and alumni. Unbelievable how they turn out to be clean, wholesome, healthy and good-looking.