Espina: ‘And so this is Christmas’

Mila C. Espina
·1 min read

“And what have you done?” This song lyric invokes some thoughts about Christmas.

TV news personality Jessica Soho answered a child’s question, “Meron pa bang Pasko?” She said, “Tuloy ang Pasko!”

Of course, the essence of Christmas is timeless, but during this pandemic crisis, its celebration comes in many “meaningful ways.”

The Church will continue to offer the traditional ”simbang gabi” holiday masses, mostly through virtual networks. The family will be together in noche buenas, gift-giving, but instead of lavish expenses, some will share these with the Covid-19 survivors and frontliners.

As early as November, civic and business groups, schools and even the showbiz celebrities have been visiting typhoon victims to distribute clothing and food despite the pandemic threat.

Restaurants and hotels put up simple Christmas trees and decor, and tied up with charitable groups.

There are few Christmas lights in the streets. The TV shows and radio programs play more Christmas songs for tension release.

And so this is Christmas this year. We pray for world peace, good health and hope to be spared from natural calamities and wars.