Espina: The Christmas spirit

True, the genuine spirit of the Yuletide season lives in our hearts.

It is embedded in the family solidarity, in the schools, civic groups and community. I have been blessed with family, relatives, peers and friends, who share their joys of Christmas with me. They come in prayerful greetings and goodwill.

Through this article, I wish to thank my Wecare family (Peter and Sally Dy, Ramon Sebastian, Tony and Nina Veloso, Boni and Lydia Sia, Nestor and Juliet Chua, etc.), the University of San Jose Recoletos (USJR) Dramatics and Cultural Ensemble alumni, the Recoletos led by Fr. Eduardo Celiz, Fr. Raul Buhay, my counsellor Fr. Nonie Morillo, my peers and faculty, staff and students in the USJR Graduate school and arts and sciences, for wishing me good health.

My media colleague Nelia Neri, BFF Aida Uy, Zontians, like Rufina Tanchan, Anita Cabinan, Stella Bernabe, Tess Chan; Helen, Enrique and Frank Benedicto and their families, Paulette Deduque, my friends from the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) and Amcham for their prayerful wishes. Thank you, too, to my friends in the hotel industry, like Seda Hotel Cebu, Shangri-La Mactan Cebu, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Radisson Blu Cebu, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, etc. Thank you to Bigseed, Robby Alugar, the Dondie Joseph, SM City Cebu, Laguna Garden, and, oh, too many to mention.

We all wish everyone good health, peace and safety.

The “Funtastic” Anjo World

The FUNtastic Anjo World features rides that can accommodate guests of all ages, including kids, said Anjo World president Chester Lim.

“There will be an arcade for kids and another for adults. There will be two major rides, one interactive ball game, and an interactive educational component. Including the arcade games, the arena will have additional 15 pieces of brand-new equipment. All in all, we will have above 20 new attractions.”

The additional attractions located on the second floor of the Colosseo are in response to the clamor of guests who requested a wider choice of entertainment at the theme park. The new attractions are located in a 500-square-meter area on the second floor.

“Based on our feedback from our guests, they want more attractions for little kids,” Lim added. “That’s why we conceptualized the FUNtastic ARENA, and made sure this was geared towards the kids and the family. It has an arcade-type video gaming setting (for children and adults), unlimited rides for kids, and educational attractions that will spark the senses of small children.”

There are no additional charges for the new attractions are free and that ticket prices will remain the same. “We would like to maintain that for the same amount of money that they pay. Our visitors will enjoy more out of the entrance fee they pay. For now, as an introduction, we will maintain the ticket price. It’s good for Cebuanos and non-Cebuanos to enjoy more amenities at the same price.”