Espina: ‘FestiEvents’

Mila C. Espina

YES! All happenings during the Yuletide season are “FestiEvents,” integrating Christmas activities with festive projects to make the season more than just about mere gift-giving. Some hotels toned down their celebrations and showcased their community-based projects for children or the underprivileged.


Some chose to travel before Christmas; A respite from work. A few celebrated their birthdays with the holiday motif. The best of Yuletide comes in various forms. What is important is that one is happy with what he or she is doing.

Yuletide woes

The earthquake survivors in Davao and Cotabato are getting their fair share of cash and in kind donations from all over the country, specifically from Cebu. We pray for no more calamities. Some civic clubs are cancelling their pompous Yuletide events to, instead, aid the earthquake survivors.