Espina: Golden Lady

Mila C. Espina

SOFIA Pacaña Gawchua celebrated her 50th birthday. The beautiful Golden Lady looks forward to a new horizon, half a century old, with a loving husband Dodong, and dutiful, talented children. There was a glorious family celebration, and never has Sofia felt so loved. Happy birthday, dear friend, from the Speechcom family.


Give it to the millennials and the young once, and they come up with enterprising ideas to hone their talents, interests and means of livelihood. Facebook showcases a variety of the entrepreneurial ventures of some young people I know. I saw their journey from being students, employees, then entrepreneurs with creative ideas, from selling homemade delicacies, novel items and small businesses in malls or elsewhere, with little investment. Income may not be much but it’s good enough to make a living.

Who would ever think that Robby Alugar would become one of the leading PR wizards, using his connections and good attitude to gather an increasing number of clients? And with his “techie” skills, he has his website RMA News to expand his market. He has a family to support, so there is no way but to excel and earn. A Masscom graduate, Robby started out as a research associate in marketing; a senior property consultant in Maria Luisa Estate, worked in John Hancock Life Insurance, a marketing strategist in HSBC, PR then external affairs consultant of the Cebu Business Month, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry. His big break was extended to him by Carmel Salvador, who made him the overseas relations marketing officer of Global Carriers. A natural friendly guy, Robby fits his PR profession.

Adrian Diongzon has his macarons and milk tea too, for healthy meriendas. Home delivery is the trend. Call Arlene de la Victoria and she has a wide market of vegetables and fruits. My niece, Tricia Silva, has her collection of laundry and household items, gadgets, alcohol and what have you.

I heard that Life Gheniston will settle in Cebu after years in the airline industry to concentrate on his real estate and other businesses, with Mabel Canoy helping him. I know Portia Gamaliel and Judy Geonzon have food items for sale, mostly native delicacies.

Anna Fegi-Brown, Junjet Primor and Cinbeth Orellano have long been engaged in the music, choreography and dance industry, and now reap the fruits of their labor.

That’s the way to cope with living. No guts, no glory. Industry and fortitude, not laziness and impatience, will spare you from hunger and idleness. There is a wide arena for entrepreneurship. It will not open up to you, but you must enter and compete constructively.