Espina: The Holy Father’s message

Mila C. Espina
·1 min read

Pope Francis’ sterling message: “And God so loved the world!”

This doctoral student of mine asked, “but why the pandemic?”

The Lord gives us problems to make us strong. Some friends of mine texted me, “How do you as a media person and an educator cope with the pandemic challenges?” The creativity and resilience of the Pinoy spirit works positively.

Fr. Rod Salazar shares inspirational messages to us. Msgr. Robert Alesna, Fr. Nonie Morillo and Fr. Christopher Maspara offer their masses to heal the sick. I voluntarily locked myself in our bedroom for more than a year.

“In My Diary” is filled with “Traces and Trails” of my academic, theater, media, travel and tourism journey. The pandemic deepened my life’s perspectives.

Sr. Rita Ann, our adviser, Maryknoll College, after my mother’s demise, observed how I changed from being jolly to being pensive. She said, “When you feel very sad, turn to happy memories.”

The Holy Father added, “Humans must bless one another.”