Espina: Legacy of success

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My initial article on the Legacy of Success which traced how children carried on the professions of their parents drew a good number of feedback, requesting for a Part 2. Some even cited some more examples; some of them are in this article.

Indeed, family values, interests and choices of professions are intact as generations continued. In fact, I know of a family who would keep some clothes or school uniforms, books and projects so the generations of their children could use them.

My mother was a thespian and teacher, so I pursued the same career. Lawyer Julius Neri, who is also a golfer, influenced his sons to follow his path. Zontian Minnie Yuvienco has the same quest as mother Dr. Suga Yuvienco. The late Atty. Marcelo Fernan was one of the exponents of Cenewof, where daughter Marissa Fernan became one of the officers.

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