Espina: Lessons From Covid-19

Mila C. Espina
·3 min read

What have you learned from the Covid-19 pandemic?

Here are some insights:

Cecilia Brainard, renowned author:

“For over a year, Covid prevented me and my husband from seeing our grandchildren and friends. We had to stay virtually shut in. Covid taught me fear, uncertainty of life, humility that a small bug could knock the world to its knees. Thankfully, we received our Covid vaccine and can now do errands without fear. We remain vigilant though.”

Alice Bathan, lawyer, professor:

“As a lawyer, wife, mother and grandmother—together with my husband, Vic—we balanced our time to cope with the threats of Covid. As former dean of the University of San Jose-Recoletos College of Law, my forte in decision making and empowered leadership were my mechanisms. The Lord is the center of our lives. We attend virtual masses daily. I am grateful for my home-based earnings. I have more time now to take care of my plants. Most of all, I keep myself healthy and safe.”

Twinkle Uy Chu, businesswoman and civic leader:

“Striking a balance or middle ground is very valuable during this pandemic. The balance of protecting both lives and livelihood, of freedom and consideration for others. That responsible behavior from each and every one of us just might save us from this pandemic.”

Regina Via Garcia, professor:

“The pandemic has made me more appreciative of human interaction in education. Many people had difficulty adjusting to the switch from face-to-face classes to online classes. I experienced the struggles of a teacher. There is no better way to learn and to teach by being physically there in a classroom.”

For Ehda Dagooc, business writer; Kat Cacho, business section editor, and Malou Mozo, marketing manager, the Covid-19 pandemic altered their social, media and work life. They realized that work from home was a possibility, affording more time with the family. Multi-tasking meant attending online meetings or seminars, while doing groceries or household chores. This pandemic also opened opportunities for new business ventures and hobbies. They appreciated the value of life, and their longtime friendship added fun amid the crisis.

Bart and Corazon Tan, former mentor and dean, are based in Bohol. The couple built a hacienda of fruits and vegetables. The intrusion of Covid 19 was unexpected. Life suddenly became chaotic, then unexciting and dull. “We only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” The lockdown opened our eyes and hearts to sharing and sympathizing with others.

Patricia Silva, entrepreneur:

“I have become more resourceful, explored my other skills to earn extra income and tried to be helpful to my family. I realized how imminent Covid is, got scared and managed to apply safety nets.”

Jimmy Marquez, singer:

“I realized the threats of Covid, especially in my profession. Then, I remembered friends, former mentors and friends, and I wanted to reach out to them.”

Gloria Villarojo, producer:

“My husband and I experienced Covid. Though scary, we looked at the lighter side and coped. Music inspired us. With Sakdap, we will do online concerts to share joy and blessings to others.”

Edwin Pilapil, university vice president:

“In the midst of Covid, I did my normal academic functions: Online learning sessions. From a mere ‘techno migrant’ before Covid, I have become ‘techno savvy.’ Covid affected my life both positively and negatively. The pandemic ushered me to spur on a research topic related to the lifeworld of the Filipinos amid the health war that was given a university grant. My social life was literally affected. I became anxious about my health. Covid-19 taught me some ‘re-learnings and un-learnings’ about life’s reality.”