Espina: Recoletos in Cebu

Mila C. Espina
·2 min read

The University of San Jose Recoletos will have the opening celebration of the 400 Years of the Augustinian Recollect Missionary Presence in Cebu led by university president Fr. Cristopher Maspara, OAR April 29, Thursday at the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish - Recoletos.

The theme: “Upat ka Gatos ka Tuig nga Pagsangyaw sa Pagbag-o sa Kinabuhi sa Katauhan.” As the Recoletos continue their religious presence and mission in Cebu—and the rest of the nation—they will situate their vision-mission with the challenges of the time through their religious and educational advocacy and service.

The program includes the unveiling ceremony of the 400th year commemorative marker, pre-Holy Mass activities: Brief historical review, explanation of the logo and quadricentennial prayer. The Eucharistic Celebration features the formal opening of the quadricentennial celebration, granting of indulgence and the quadricentennial theme song. Then, lunch, a cultural show, preview of the year-long celebration, awarding of plaques and finally, outreach activities.

Yes, the 400 Years of Recoletos presence in Cebu is the handicraft of the Lord. We stand proud of this because every well-knit thread is an epitome of faith, hope and charity, in the living Augustinian tradition.

We look forward to intensifying the Recollect presence with a clearer, more relevant and attainable mission to uplift the quality of life; a more enlightened national and local leadership and community involvement, dedicated religious and lay to address poverty, social ills and education. We pray to the Holy Father to sustain our initiatives to further implant the Recollect values and tradition in the multi-sectoral community.

Once again, let this Eucharistic Celebration be a living testimony of the 400 years of religious history and presence of the Recoletos in Cebu. Adelante!

I am blessed to have served as teacher, then dean (College of Arts and Sciences and Graduate School, 1964-2000). The University of San Jose-Recoletos is my second home.

CSJ-R, USJ-R university presidents:

Rev. Fr. Martin Legarra, OAR. Rector, 1947-1958

Rev. Fr. Federico Teradillos, OAR. Rector, 1958-1961

Rev. Fr. Pedro Peña, OAR. Rector, 1961-1964

Rev. Fr. Francisco Monasterio, OAR. Rector, 1964-1970

Rev. Fr. Miguel Navarro, OAR. Rector, 1970-1971

Rev. Fr. Victor Lluch, OAR. Rector, 1971-1973

Rev. Fr. Francisco Siguenza, OAR. Rector, 1973-1976

Rev. Fr. Blas J. Montenegro, OAR. President, 1976-1979

Rev. Fr. Hernando D. Coja, OAR. President, 1979-1982

Rev. Fr. Rafael E. Cabarles, OAR. President, 1982-1988

Rev. Fr. Emeterio D. Buñao, OAR President, 1988-2000

Rev. Fr. Walthrode B. Conde, OAR. President, 2000-2003

Rev. Fr. Constantino B. Real, OAR. President, 2003-2006

Rev. Fr. Anthony A. Morillo, OAR. President, 2006-2009

Rev. Fr. Peter A. Silab, OAR. President, 2009-2015

Rev. Fr. Cristopher C. Maspara, OAR. President, 2015-Present