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For many years, the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Dramatics and Cultural Ensemble and Speechcom International, inspired by the Perlas Awards of the Philippines Foundation, awarded “Talento Cebuanos” whose success stories “highlighted their exemplary skills and achievements in the performing arts, civic leadership, entrepreneurship, education and community involvement.”

The following were some of the awards and “icons” in their own fields: Junjet Primor, Jun and Girlie Las Piñas, Victor Cuenco, Bennie Diola, Monette Aliño, Eva de los Santos, Orlando Magno, Delia Villacastin, Sam Costanilla, Grace Paulino, Clifford Gawchua, Naila Beltran, Rachel Balila, Dennis Sugarol, Dexter Alazas, Bobby Nalzaro, Bobby Aboitiz, Jay Aldeguer, Bunny Pages, Jessica and Bobit Avila, Dr. Suga Yuvienco, Nelia Neri, Armi Garcia, Philip Rodriguez, Paul Melendez, Mary Anne Alcordo, Stella Bernabe, Beling Go Ching Hai, Anita Sanchez and Sakdap. These icons, among many others, represented their various fields and professions.

Robby Alugar

Born in Cebu City to dutiful parents from Bogo, Robby Alugar finished his Masscom course from the University of San Jose-Recoletos.

Robby worked as a telemarketer, marketing consultant, broker and financial planner, then in the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI). From CCCI, he joined the late Carmel Salvador in her cargo business.

I lost track of Robby until I saw him actively involved in public relations and media consultancy. Finally, he built his own outfit: RMA News.

Robby took the opportunity to use his skills and management potential to serve an increasing number of business outfits which needed media and promotional exposure. The PR business became a flourishing venture. You don’t need so much material investment but mainly good ideas, creativity and connections.

Robby is hardworking and sees to it that his children acquire good education. He would call me up to help his children admitted at the Cebu Normal University pre-school. Robby and wife Rubilyn imbued their children with proper Christian values.

When my friend Carmel passed, Robby continued his work with the Salvadors. It was Carmel who employed him after he left CCCI.

Robby’s aces were his friendly relations with the media, fortitude and patience. Using his previous business linkages, Robby connected with hotels, business companies and the academe, and made his agency one of the leading PR agencies today.

Recently, RMA News received accolades from renowned companies and individuals. Finally, Robby Alugar has arrived. He joins PR icons like Anne Conejero and a few more.

Eli Manlangit

In the performing arts, names like artist-directors Junjet Primor, Rudy Aviles, Benjie Diola, Fr. Ting Ancajas, Cinbeth Orellano and Dennis Sugarol are prominent.

Unknown to many, Eli Manlangit had carved his name in the performing arts, specifically in theatre and culture. A Josenian, Eli excels in researching, then, translating ethnic and cultural histrionics into colorful dances.

Quiet and reserved, Eli has his eyes, thoughts and well-rounded craftsmanship focused on how to delineate the gems of Filipino culture. A lover of nature, Eli finds solace in the verdant pastures of the countryside, and explores the unfamiliar treasures of Cebu. Quiet and a keen observer, Eli has a wealth of ideas about art and culture.

Ronnie Matudan

Ronnie Matudan is not physically visible in big events. He is busy “behind the scenes” doing make-up and wardrobe selections for beauty pageants and bug projects for the Province and City of Cebu. True, if Junjet Primor is directing, can Ronnie be far behind? (Thank you, Percy Bysshe Shelley for this famous quote). Very few realize the importance of how stage grooming, like proper make up, adds to the total beauty of a woman. Ronnie masterfully packages these features with finesse.

Ronnie does not have the usual artistic mood because he has always been a pleasant person.

The Talento Cebuano with varied skills serve as role models. We fail to notice them because some opt to work abroad. My housekeeper’s daughter is going to Japan and his generous employer promised that she would take her parents to work there as well. Why? The Japanese said that the “industriousness and loyalty of the Filipinos are hardly found in Japanese households.” Of course, I know that the Japanese are hardworking, too.

We continue to acknowledge Talento Cebuanos with extraordinary skills, like some engineers, architects, carpenters, mechanics, painters, journalists, construction workers, nurses and doctors, real estate brokers, teachers, accountants and many others.

The collaboration of civic clubs and foundations makes lasting impact. The Victor Uy Foundation, through Nonie Uy and the Department of Education (DepEd) and USJ-R, awarded model teachers for many years.

To help public schools mould good students, the Zone Club of Cebu 1 has expanded its “Adopt-A-School” program and received certificates of recognition from DepEd Talisay and Cebu. All these have multiplier effects and uphold creativity and industry.

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