Espina: Words of wisdom

Mila C. Espina

WORDS become alive the moment we utter them. They express various ideas and feelings. “Words don’t mean. People mean!”

We used to write our motto in scrapbooks during our high school days. But it didn’t stop there. As we grew older, we stood by our own conviction or values, expressed in words, symbols or idioms.

I am the ”passionate educator with a song in my heart.” My wisdom and gift of music are God-given. So, I harness them to the fullest. The poetry of my life sizzles with beautiful thoughts and songs interspersed in my profession and relations with others. I believe in “Share your talents. Multiply yourself and carve a legacy.” My treasures are my family, friends and students.

I’ve had chats with some friends and asked them their favorite quotes or sayings. They reveal their perspectives, their lives and values.