Espinoza: Afraid of the needle?

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BELIEVE it or not! The two reasons for those who don’t want to be inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccines is that they are afraid of the needle and at the possible side effects, particularly of Sinovac. It’s not surprising then that most people want the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine.

The root of the fear of the vaccine, again believe it or not, is the wrong information or those moronic posts on how huge the needle is and from unverified social media reports about deaths after the vaccination.

To allay the fears of those doubting Tomases, I support the suggestion of Sen. Joel Villanueva for President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo to appear together in a public info ad to encourage the public to be inoculated. With information technology, Duterte and Robredo do not have to be at the same place during the recording of their joint message to the public.

I wish that the suggestion of Senator Villanueva would happen so we could attain herd immunity after vaccinating over 70 percent of the population. But the problem is that the people around the President would not want Villanueva’s suggestion because the next elections are not that far and Robredo is being groomed to run for President. Malacañang spokesman Harry Roque already sets conditions on the Vice President over her alleged anti-Chinese vaccine statements.

I thank God and the Duterte administration for the free vaccine. I already completed my second dose of the Sinovac vaccine last Thursday in Mandaue City and I’m fine. I’m still not complacent, though, that wherever I go I still put on my face mask and face shield. Not that it’s required, but because I and the people I meet will be safe.

At first, I chose AstraZeneca because of earlier reports that Sinovac is not suited for senior citizens. But when the Department of Health issued a directive that Sinovac has no harmful effects on people aged 60 and above and from the testimony of my friends, I decided to have it. As they say, the best vaccine is the one that is available. So when our son Dr. Eugene Dominic J. Espinoza, who now works with the Mandaue City Health Office, called me up that there are available slots for me in Mandaue City, I rushed to the vaccination center on April 22, 2021 and had my first jab of Sinovac.

Retired Army Major Gen. Mel Feliciano, head of the Visayas IATF, in our casual talk on Saturday, said that next month the vaccination will be for everyone without classification. At the moment, those undergoing the first and second inoculation are from the categories listed as A1, A2 and A3. By the end of this month, the vaccination of the medical and other frontliners, persons with disabilities and the senior citizens would be completed.

I advised my relatives, office staff and friends to stop reading stories on the alleged side effects of the vaccines from unknown sources or those moronic jokes on social media so they won’t pollute their minds. This administration is running out of time since the donated vaccines that arrived recently would expire in July. It would be a waste of these scarce resources if some people still won’t go for this free vaccination.

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