Espinoza: Gov. Gwen is well; PUJs could operate?

Elias L. Espinoza
·3 min read

CEBU Gov. Gwen Garcia is now back to work after she was off for a while from her weekly online presser. Rumors spread in social media that she must have been infected with the coronavirus and she was on self-quarantine or was hospitalized. The sincere concern, though, of the governor’s friends and supporters is understandable.

It’s just unfortunate that there are those who took advantage of spreading the bad news on the governor’s absence in the limelight in this pandemic especially after it was reported that her chief of staff lawyer Franklin Dinsay, who was always near her during her press conferences, was hospitalized. But the governor said it was dengue that hit Dinsay and not Covid-19. Dinsay is now out of danger. God is good all the time!

On Monday, during the governor’s online press conference held in Barili, the first thing she did was slam her critics and brand as fake news the story that circulated on social media that she was hospitalized for Covid-19. Barili Mayor Marlon Garcia is the governor’s brother.

In that online presser, SunStar Cebu quoted Garcia: “I’m here. I’m not at the hospital. I will only pray that you (referring to her critics) won’t get karma. That is why those who are spreading fake news that I have Covid-19, I can only pray that you won’t get sick of the same disease.” She won’t press charges.

Of course, no one wants anyone infected by this dreaded virus that wreaked havoc in the world. Even the USA, the most powerful country, tops the chart with the highest number of infections and deaths.

Isn’t it a great relief to the friends and supporters of the governor that she is after all very well and still sexy?

In that same online press con, the governor revealed that traditional PUJs can now ply the towns and barangays after Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade acceded to her request. The towns and component cities, except Talisay City, Minglanilla and Consolacion, of the province are now under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ).

The announcement of the governor should not be a reason yet for the PUJ operators and drivers to celebrate because there are strict regulations: 1) PUJs should be roadworthy, and 2) They are banned from the highway. With these, I doubt if the PUJ operators and drivers could comply or could operate.

This is good news, though, for the people of the Province. As a reminder, though, they should not be fooled by the downgrading since Covid-19 is still here.

Under MGCQ, the non-essential businesses can now reopen and those who are employed can now go back to work. Our leaders are hoping that the MGCQ could spur the country’s economy.

The tourist destinations in the towns can now reopen to local tourists. The things that people normally do before Covid-19 hit the world could no longer be done the same way. The operators of the non-essential businesses are required to strictly comply with the health protocols and for the tourists to also observe. Lastly, please be safe!