Espinoza: Natural after-effect

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IS THE warning of Mayor Mike Rama, or you may call it a threat depending on which side of the political fence you are, to the co-terminus and non-performing city hall employees politically motivated? Maybe not, but it could be just a natural consequence when there is change of leadership in any government administration. But Rama said casual and job order workers at City Hall whose goal is to serve in their respective offices need not worry.

"No one should be afraid, as long as you are not a thief, dirty, lazy, quarrelsome, gossipy, an intriguer, mocking, one who take advantage of others, a complainer about the workload, selfish, or an employee who does not know how to do anything," Rama added.

If said otherwise, would it mean that there are city hall employees who are thieves, dirty, lazy, quarrelsome, gossiper, intriguer, mocker, taking advantage of others, complainer about the workload, selfish, and who does not know how to do anything? I wish it's untrue and these civil servants are true to their calling.

Before the demise of the late Mayor Edgar Labella, but after his 30-day leave expired, Rama, who was then serving as acting city mayor, established a "shadow cabinet," wherein he appointed his trusted men to oversee, coordinate, collaborate and cooperate with the 37 department heads that includes the City Administrator. Or, in other words Rama's watchdogs?

Rama's shadow cabinet, according to my source, has caused inconvenience and discomfort to some of the department heads since it looks like that, they're being watched in every move they make and that they are not trustworthy of their responsibilities.

After the death of Mayor Labella, Rama is now the full-fledged city mayor, at least for seven months or so. Rama is running for city mayor with Councilor Raymond Garcia as his vice mayoralty bet under the administration party, PDP-Laban Cusi Wing, in the May 9, 2022 general elections against the BOPK mayoralty bet Margot Osmeña and independent candidate for mayor Councilor Dave Tumulak.

While Rama promised not "to rock the boat" in deference to the wake of Mayor Labella, but his order for the one-month evaluation of the performance of all employees is providing a gape among the city hall employees, particularly the department heads who were appointees of the late city mayor Labella.

Of course, as the new manager of city hall, it's Rama's prerogative to do what he feels is right. But Rama clarified that the retention of those appointed to the coterminous positions, like the department heads, would be based on his trust and confidence. However, some of Mayor Rama's allies are already itching to get these positions. I suppose that those appointed by the late Mayor Labella are already prepared to leave their posts once Mayor Rama would replace them.

It's no secret though that during those times that Rama was the acting mayor, every time the late Mayor Labella is admitted to the hospital, some of the department heads do not heed his order, or avoid him. It was even reported that some of the department heads would also take a leave of absence, a valid excuse to elude Rama, when he calls a meeting on the department heads.

Being a mayor is not new to Rama though since he held this post for two terms before. The city's current problems may not be that gargantuan, but it would make him busy for the last seven months in office and at the same campaigning for his mayoralty bid when the campaign period starts next year. Best of luck, mayor!

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