Espinoza: Still not good news

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THE rate of coronavirus infection in the Province of Cebu has gone down a bit, but still not good news because it's still high compared to the Provinces of Bohol, Negros, and Siquijor in the region.

The DOH-Central Visayas Covid-19 Case Bulletin 452 as of September 13, 2021 showed that Cebu's rate of infection has gone down from 6,044 in August 22, to 3,443 this month, but it still has 79 new cases, while Bohol has 52 new cases. Negros and Siquijor have zero new case. However, the infection rate in Bohol is higher than Cebu since it has a total of 3,563 Covid-19 cases. Negros Oriental has 1,250 cases and Siquijor, 73.

In Cebu City, the new cases of Covid-19 had gone down to 60, compared to 238 cases in August 22, and with a total of 4,760 cases, but this month, the infection cases went dramatically down to 3,001. Kudos to the police and the other implementors for strictly enforcing the health protocols in the city. I wish the strict enforcement of the health protocols continues even if the rate of infection has slowed down because the tendency is that some people would again relax their guard against this virus.

Mandaue City now has 28 new cases, with 1,067 total cases compared to last month, when it had 50 new cases and a total of 1,853 cases. Lapu-Lapu City last month had 70 new cases with a total 1,653 cases, but now it has 42 new cases and a total of 1,313 Covid-19 cases. On deaths, Cebu has the highest number with 1,910 mortalities; Negros Oriental, 251; Bohol, 139; and Siquijor, five.

In Cebu City, a total of 1,238 people died from Covid-19 that the city's public cemeteries ran out of space to bury the dead and the cost of cremation went up. Mandaue City had 345 deaths, while Lapu-Lapu City had 328. But believe me, despite the number of the people who died from Covid-19, there are still deniers and worse, they refused to be vaccinated for some idiotic reasons.

I'm no pessimist. But what could be bad news later because of the current health status is when most people go back to their bad habits, like partying in the beach, restaurants and high-end bars without observing the minimum health protocols, such as wearing of face masks and physical distancing, or cramped inside the private cars that the possibility that the infection rate would again go up is not remote. This is what had happened in the months leading to the implementation of MECQ in the three cities and some towns and GCQ in the province.

Obliviousness or insensibleness is one undeniable behavior among us because we hate to look back on unhappy days or bad memories. Of course, who doesn't want a happy life? We love the company of family, relatives, and friends. Since last year when the Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, we were restricted in our homes, except for the authorized persons outside of residence, that despite the restrictions, many were caught gambling or drinking with friends outside of their homes.

The forgetfulness among us brings me to the forthcoming elections in May 2022. Most people dislike, if not hate, bad or corrupt elected government officials. But when the campaign starts and on election day when these supercilious, or whatsoever you brand them, receive the goodies or should I say financial assistance from those seeking re-election even from those they hate most, they still vote for these despicable officials or candidates because the sight of money could simply eclipse their antipathies.

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