Estoryang Binotbot: Highlights of Cebu Art Book Fair

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Pablo Picasso once said, “to draw you must close your eyes and sing.” Nothing speaks deeper into the heart and soul than art as it has been man’s divine way of expression that transcends time and space. It breaks all barriers and brings the whole world together, even just for a short period of time.

Cebu has always been a melting pot of cultures whether they are regional or international influences. There is so much to tell whether it is about its history, people, and local culture, Cebu always has something to say and offer.

This collective love for culture and the arts were highlighted during the Cebu Art Book Fair as artists from different areas of the province came together to celebrate and share their stories through various mediums of art.

The two-day event highlighted the Cebuano slang of “Estoryang Binotbot” which pertains to the colloquial experiences wherein you can’t tell if the story is true or false. This is a nod to the Cebuano attitude of “binugoy” way of conversing with friends and family.

The event was held in Crossroads Banilad and it was in full effect with booths displaying multiple artworks from incredibly talented artists. Experts and rookies all gathered to share their passion for arts, and they did not disappoint the general public as throngs of people came in to see what these artists have in store for them.

The event started with the “Estoryang Binotbot” poster show that was held in Qube Gallery, wherein artists took exhibited posters of their take on the theme. Along with the poster exhibit, the Art Book Fair also took place in the main exhibit space (The Playground).

The art book fair is a celebration of artistry in printed form. It featured artists, writers, designers, photographers etc. mainly from Cebu and showcased their self-published books, zines, postcards and stickers.

One of the printed works that were sold is the “PALABRA in Print,” a culmination of works by the pioneering batch of the Bachelor of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies with Creative Writing program.

Other forms of media were also celebrated. RetasoCast held gave a live podcast in the Main Exhibit Space and to wrap up the first day, several local bands came in to grace the event in a “Not So Secret Show” featuring local acts Mandaue Nights and Sepia Times, and KRNA from Cagayan de Oro. The arts and music community effortlessly combined to create magic as they powerfully connect everyone in an incredibly special and profound way.

The second day showcased workshops given by celebrated artists. The “Express: A Guide to Self-Expression” workshop with artist Andre Chan tackled the instrument of art in developing self-confidence and stable self-perception.

Another workshop that was led by award-winning poet Lawrence Ypil and award-winning illustrators Happy Garaje focused on the nuances of art and the gas in between. Participants that participated in these workshops were sure to gain incredible insight from these artists, as they catered to both writers and illustrators alike.

The Cebu Art Book Fair brought the best of the Cebu art community together, and there are hopes that more artists will come forth to show and share their stories through the process of creating. This event not only promises for more artists to come forward and share their work, but it also serves as a north store to those who yearn for a space where their craft will be appreciated by many.

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