Eugenio: I am not perfect

Judith Eugenio
·2 min read

THE year 2020 has been full of important and painful lessons for us, and no matter how we look at this year, it hasn’t been a smooth ride for everyone.

Despite the hardship, what we’ve learned from this year can still help us prepare for the good opportunities that can come in the next. The year 2021 can be the right year for us if we take action accordingly; and considering we only have two months in front of us until the start of the year 2021, we need to start arming ourselves with the knowledge and awareness of what to do with it now.

Being a bazi and feng shui expert does not exempt me from going through my own obstacles in life. I also experience the reality that there is no “perfect feng shui” or a “perfect bazi” that can solve all of my problems. Yet because I am also a long-time practitioner in both skills, I have utilized them to go through my positive and negative energy cycles with confidence, and, as a result, I have maintained a healthy, successful and positive lifestyle that just keeps on getting better.

My skills allow me to be aware of the hourly, daily, monthly and even yearly changing elements and recognize if either they are for me or against me. I know when to take action or stay put and when to be patient and understanding with people who are going through their own bad energy cycles.

This year has been a difficult year, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t still become a good year. The next two months can still determine your final outlook and reflection for the year. I, alongside my family, have gotten to help a lot of people in need, have created new friendships, gained new business insights, and achieved personal milestones that our family cherishes despite the global situation because we had chosen to prepare for the worst every month and then give our best.

At the end of the day, I know God helps those who help themselves. So when you take steps to understand your bazi or your personal destiny, fix the flow of positive energy within your home or office through feng shui or your environment’s energy, and also take action of the opportunities that arise from them or what we call your own action.

Thank God for 2020, a year of lessons. Let’s look forward to 2021, a year of realized opportunities!