Eugenio: Bazi destiny forecast

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Bazi is a destiny reading discipline utilizing your birth date and birth time. Decoding one’s BaZi can lead to clarity in making a decision, understanding yourself better and having a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

How can you best live your life for this month? To know your “Day Master,” follow these following steps:


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Yang Wood Day Master

Owing to your innate leadership abilities, you will be drawing in listeners whenever you’ll be given the opportunities to speak at either company meetings, project brainstorming discussions, crowd funding launches, or even for just a small gathering at your church or civic organization. Take this chance for more people to hear your ideas and initiatives.

Yin Wood Day Master

July will keep you busy all month long, what with your sudden ability to attract people to you with your charisma, eloquence and warmth. Even though we’re still keeping ourselves distanced from each other for purposes of keeping healthy and safe, it’s okay for you to want to mix and mingle with new acquaintances. Doing so will help you expand your networks, broaden your horizons, or even lead you to dream projects with the right people.

Yang Fire Day Master

You may have graduated from your academic journey a long time ago, but has there been a nagging sense that there’s still so much you want to learn about your chosen field of study or work? If that’s the case, then July is the perfect time for you to forge ahead with advanced learning. Look into workshops or certificate courses that you can pursue that could probably help you learn new developments in your current work or business.

Yin Fire Day Master

Learning something out of the box, even if it doesn’t seem to suit whatever current career or business you have now, makes a lot of sense because it helps you enhance your marketability as an employee or entrepreneur. Trust your intuition on what kind of course may seem right for you and if you just put your best foot forward, you’ll see all the many financial and emotional rewards you can get from it later on.

Yang Earth Day Master

July will call you to harness your ability to steer teams into a collective goal and actually accomplish this said goal together. You’re going to realize that leadership will come naturally easy for you this month, especially when you will be promoted to higher positions at work, or you will see yourself hiring more people as the owner of your own company. Take good care, however, that you will study all the pros and cons of your new position or undertaking so you don’t run into legal issues along the way. Don’t let the promotion in rank also get to your head.

Yin Earth Day Master

All throughout the month, you’re going to find yourself in situations where swift decision-making is required of you. As much as careful analysis of all details is very important, sometimes, what’s the best course of action to take is just to take the risk and decide on the go. You will be executing small and big plans this month, with much success, but proceed with caution especially if you’re biting off more than you can chew, which can stress you out instead. For single women, now’s a good month for you to go out and meet new people around town or online.

Yang Metal Day Master

Here’s a wonderful treat for you in this month—financial gains will be proliferating in your life as fruits of all your hard labor in the months past. Mid-year bonuses at work might be given unexpectedly or you’ll be blessed with more than the usual amount of monthly revenue in your business. Well, pat yourself in the back because these are just manifestations of your dedication and commitment to your job and business anyway. And make sure to always stow away the bulk of it in your savings account for a rainy day. Single men on the lookout for romance would do well connecting with new people this month.

Yin Metal Day Master

What a wonderful month this is going to turn out for you as July brings you a surprising windfall you really didn’t expect at all. It could come in the form of commission from a sale of your friend’s car you helped him sell, or maybe from return on investments from stocks and bonds you’ve purchased last year, or quite possibly from your share of the sale of a family lot that you almost forgot about. Whatever is the source of your windfall, do save up some of it for unpredictable moments.

Yang Water Day Master

Showmanship is the name of the game for you in the month of July as you’ll be taking center stage whenever you’re presenting to people at work, in your business, with your civic clubs, or even just at home with your family. You will naturally dazzle your audience, so if you need to present great ideas or plans this month then go for it. Just take heed that you won’t be too argumentative with others if they don’t easily buy into your ideas though.

Yin Water Day Master

Take a breather and enjoy the finer things in life this July as your artistic inclinations will be ever heightened this time around. Since businesses and other establishments are opening up more and more, maybe it’s time for you to visit an art gallery or check out free art exhibits sprouting up in malls all over, especially since the yearlong lockdown has kept us from seeing beautiful, artistic creations for a while.

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