Eugenio: Bazi destiny forecast

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Bazi is a destiny reading discipline utilizing your birth date and birth time. Decoding one’s BaZi can lead to clarity in making a decision, understanding yourself better and having a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

How can you best live your life for this month? To know your “Day Master,” follow these steps:


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Input birth details

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Yang Wood Day Master

You’ll be feeling quite sociable this month, and better use that to your advantage because one of your casual encounters might actually turn into a lucrative connection instead. Flash that signature smile because that could be the key that could potentially lead you to your next biggest project or business deal.

Yin Wood Day Master

You will be associating with an eclectic set of people in this period. You could either be inundated with business meetings, or you could also find yourself joining new clubs pertaining to your hobbies or interests. Put yourself out there to broaden your networks; just don’t forget to still put Covid-19 safety protocols in practice.

Yang Fire Day Master

Your keen sense of intuition will be heightened this June as you desire ingesting as much information as you can in this period. This information doesn’t necessarily have to be academic in nature as your interests will derive from artistic fields of study or it could be from more technical training. Whatever learning you will pursue, make the most out of your training because this could end becoming a lucrative source of income.

Yin Fire Day Master

You’re going to embody being analytical and methodical to a hilt as your capacity for learning will be at its highest in this time. You think you may have already learned all you needed to, but take a deeper look and you will see that there are still so many lessons you can reap for yourself. Enroll for supplementary courses, weekend workshops. These will eventually help augment your financial resources in the years to come.

Yang Earth Day Master

You have lots of opportunities to work your charm this period, yet some encounters might not be as favorable as the rest so be sure to be on the lookout for telltale signs of stress and conflicts. Try not to make hasty decisions in this month, especially where work or business is concerned. Study all available options to you, especially when invited to spearhead a large project or sign up for a new venture.

Yin Earth Day Master

This month will see you taking on positions of leadership and authority outside of your comfort zone. Don’t back down from the added workload and the challenge to spearhead projects or teams as you can bring so much to the table in terms of success. However, if you need to sign contracts or any other legal paperwork in relation to your higher role promotion, make sure to read all the fine print so you cover all your bases.

Yang Metal Day Master

Unexpected financial resources will end up in your possession, perhaps from a sales commission from a deal you brokered months ago, or a sudden rise in value from your cryptocurrency investments, or simply from an inheritance share you never knew about. Regardless where the windfall is coming from, just take heed to store a lot of it in your savings account so that you can increment your emergency funds safely.

Yin Metal Day Master

You will find yourself earning a lot more than what you normally make. Either you will see yourself getting a salary raise, a bonus for being “Employee of the Month,” or if you run your own business, you might see your revenue in June outperform the rest of the prior months in 2021. Just remind yourself to stow away the bulk of your extra income into your savings account.

Yang Water Day Master

If you’re feeling extra creative this month, you should definitely capitalize on that and hone it. Your strong sense of talent and creativity will serve you well in June especially if you share it with the rest of the world by either starting a new Instagram page for your photography, or creating a blog for your short stories and poetry. You might not realize it but doing these sorts of things will open up a new income stream for you that will also help you develop your artistic abilities.

Yin Water Day Master

The performance star will lead you to be a communicator all throughout the month, wherein your ideas and expressions will come across as valuable to a lot of people at home, in your workspace, or even with your civic clubs. A word of caution though, you might also feel a lot more combative than usual in this month, so take it easy when discussions become a little heated. Don’t lose out on your leadership skill just because you couldn’t take a little criticism.

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