Eugenio: Do you believe in Feng Shui?

Judith Eugenio

IS YOUR home or business establishment tapping into the wealth energy source from your environment?

What I call “Earth Luck” is also called Feng Shui. This is one-third of the luck from our environment where we live or work, wherein the number one goal is to increase the wealth capacity of any home or business establishment.

In Feng Shui, it is important to align the property to the surrounding positive energy flowing from the external environment, harness it, and redirect it toward our home and office through the main door. The main door’s location is very vital in Feng Shui, as this is the only entry point of the energy from the surrounding environment.

Take note that Feng Shui has never been about buying ornaments, charms, plants etc. It’s also not about the number of steps in a flight of stairs, the performance of animal blood spilling rituals, one’s house number, the use of baguas, nor related to religion or spiritualism. Feng Shui is simply the study of the energy in a given space or environment.

A complete Feng Shui audit takes into account 70 percent for external land form and 30 percent for internal house layout.

For the external landform, we check the landforms around the property such as mountains, rivers, the land’s elevation, busy cross road junctions, highways, car parks and so on. When we talk about external energy flow, the location of the water is extremely important.

In Feng Shui, water brings wealth opportunities in the form of career, business or investments. This could be a river, lake, or a pond and should ideally be within 400 meters from the point of reference (home of client) and should flow in a peaceful or sentimental way.

For a home’s internal layout, we analyze the direction where the main door is facing, your bed’s position in a room, a stove’s location and any water exit points. For offices, we correct the work desks’ positions, and manager sitting locations. For business establishments such as coffee shops, restaurants or salons, it is important to correct the cashier’s location. These areas must be aligned with the energy flow so that the energy can flow smoothly and won’t be interrupted.

All these govern 100 percent of what affects the Feng Shui or Earth Luck of any residential or commercial property.

But, Feng Shui is not everything. It is only one-third of the reasons why we succeed. To properly succeed and to succeed faster, we need to use the cosmic trinity or combine the three factors of human success or failure: Know our destiny path, the heaven luck; stay in an environment with good Feng Shui energy flow, the earth luck; and take the right course action, the human luck.