Eugenio: Do you believe in luck?

Judith Eugenio
·2 min read

LET’S talk about that well-known phrase, “being at the right place at the right time.” What does it mean? This is an individual who has acquired or attracted great opportunities for himself whether it is for wealth, fame, glory or love by simply being at the right place and at the right time; sometimes, without too much effort.

It is known that we are supposed to work hard and grind daily to get the results we want, the life that we want, our dreams and ultimately live comfortably and retire young.

Sometimes, there are some people who get really lucky and it all happens for them just because they happen to be perfectly where they are supposed to be. Luck does play a major part of success, but this “luck” is simply energy.

Energies are everywhere. Even the day and time have their energies. It boils down to, which part of the day or places are most favorable that matches your own energy; a kind of compatibility.

This is how we work with energies, or which time and day is favorable to you as an individual. One of the services that I do for clients is date selection. I select a good day and time which is favorable to my client for a particular important event that needs to take place.

An example, a crucial important date and time to consider is what day and time should one sign business contracts. If we choose the perfect day and time, this will boost and enhance wealth creation and expansion and will create more trust and harmony in business partnerships or in the workplace.

Another important date to consider is a wedding date. I do a similar process but on a wedding date, I look at both the energies of the couple (through analyzing their birth charts) and select a day and time that is favorable for the two of them for their wedding contract signing.

As you can imagine, how beneficial it is to start a life together on a good day and time to ensure a life full of love, trust and loyalty. We have this system and we can use it to our advantage. Do not leave important events or decisions to chance or for the lucky ones.