Eugenio: Betrayal clash

Judith Eugenio
·2 min read

We have experienced betrayal in one way or the other. Sometimes, it comes from the people we have entrusted everything to. In Bazi destiny reading, it is possible to determine who has the potential to betray you based on their Bazi destiny chart. One can find out why the betrayal can happen, how it will happen and when it will happen.

It is important to be alert to this type of energy especially when we are making major life decisions. Betrayal clashes don’t just mean someone else will betray us, but can also manifest when we inadvertently betray ourselves. We also have the potential to become our own hindrances towards reaching success.

We can betray ourselves too when we don’t stick to our plans, settle for short-term goals instead of trying to achieve a major achievement that we had promised for ourselves, or also when we choose to stagnate in a certain aspect of life without any chance of growth.

When the betrayal clash comes, we can become very sensitive and emotional. We tend to be irrational with our thinking. We become disillusioned by the thought of stability around us without seeing the bigger picture and we become targets and victims of people who can con us of our money, time and effort.

Bazi destiny brings an awareness of the possibility that we may not be wrong when we feel something in the air when it comes to someone we think we can trust. With this knowledge, we don’t necessarily have to take an impulsive and potentially regretful action to address this betrayal clash, but we and that person who has the potential energy in their chart to betray can discuss it and create solutions together in order to grow stronger from this obstacle.

Clashes are negative moments in our lives that can happen to anyone and are happening to people right now depending on their Bazi destiny chart. These instances can either make us stronger and be what breaks us down. Choose to be prepared and to make the right decisions by knowing when they happen.