Eugenio: Choosing surgery dates

Judith Eugenio
·2 min read

KNOWING your personal destiny (or your bazi destiny) will guide you to make better choices. It will also help you achieve outcomes which most people attribute to the phenomenon that we call “luck,” a universally present energy that has been misunderstood for the most part in our human story.

A bazi consultation aims to reorganize an energy in this world that we can’t quantify or sense as a tangible object; an energy which we tend to associate with what “good” and “bad” luck is. All things have energy, there is a life force present in all people, rivers, mountains, cities, and in whole countries. It is the power responsible for surprising rises to power and to sudden losses of wealth.

Bazi takes a hard look at your destiny based on the date and time you were born. It analyzes carefully how well the energy of your birth interacts with the energy of the day and time of the moment you’re currently in. With the knowledge of both of these things, one could potentially plan accordingly for future opportunities.

Many of us, unfortunately, plan important and meaningful life events without fully considering the dates we choose to have them on. Most people never get to understand what effect the date’s energies have on the future until it’s too late. Some people do get lucky with the dates they choose, but even fewer consistently feel lucky and successful because of the understanding and application of knowledge that they have of their bazi chart.

My expertise as a bazi and feng shui consultant involves planning events such as weddings, business contract signings, building constructions, cesarean births and even surgeries accordingly in favor of a certain end result. Therefore it’s crucial in my work to pick a specific day and time favorable for you and any of the parties involved to ensure success.

For example, in order to select the most successful outcome of a major surgery, I must take into consideration your date and time of birth and the date and time of the surgery to be able to plot the best chance of success based on how well the two energies, based on their dates, interact with each other.

Each hour, day, month and year has its own energy, and not all days are favourable for you. We can all agree that a major surgical operation on a person can be life altering and it should be taken with great care because the ending could potentially be fatal. The purpose of selecting dates is to put a person in the best position to have his/her events become successful.

The year 2021 is just around the corner and it will be another year full of opportunities. Start your day with clarity. Get to know yourself better with each passing day. Take control, you are the master of your own destiny.