Eugenio: Doing the impossible

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Humanity has proven time and time again to be able to do the impossible. From planes to microscopes, to even cars, people are able to do what was thought to only exist in imagination. Despite our capabilities, one still tends to feel powerless against what they face. Although tasks can feel impossible, what was thought to be impossible has been changed over and over again. With the power one has, one is able to even change what one thinks is impossible by simply attempting to challenge it.

In life, many things may seem out of our control. In the Three Factors of Human Success, this is reflected in one’s Heaven Luck. Even though there are bound to be things that we can’t have power over, Heaven Luck still shows us that most things are in our control. Heaven Luck shows us what can happen, but never what will happen. Although our Heaven Luck can be vague, it is like that because the true outcome is within our power to control.

Our Man Luck plays a large part in overcoming the thing one sees as impossible. As much as Man Luck reflects what one does to one’s surroundings, it also reflects what one does to one’s self. Growing and cultivating a healthy mindset is also one’s Man Luck. Filling and exposing one to the media and people whose purpose is to bring you down. Remember, as iron sharpens iron, one must strive to surround oneself to people that lift one up, not bring one down for worse.

The Three Factors of Human Success, namely Heaven, Man and Earth, individually only contribute to 33.3 percent of your success. However, Man Luck is still seen existing in the other two factors. That is because no matter how unfavorable our Heaven and Earth Lucks are, success is still within our hands with what one does and can do. The impossible, even with the most unlucky of circumstances, is still achievable.

What is deemed impossible to one start with believing that it is. Only by attempting to do it can one see that what’s impossible was really possible. However, attempting can be a challenge in and of itself. Difficulty in trying may have arisen from previous failures, but while it is ok to feel helpless, to stay and continue to be helpless is not. As the people before have done it before, changing what is impossible must be one of our goals in life. With our power and potential, we are all capable of making what’s impossible yesterday into a possible today.

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