Eugenio: Environment matters: We are people of limitless potential

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A question I have had on my mind is whether or not animals are capable of feeling commitment or do they have an evolutionary feeling of responsibility to take care of offspring?

This question led me to look up the reasons an animal would only have one mate for life and would not just go around and have more offspring for the proliferation of their species.

Unfortunately, I did not find an answer to my question, but I did find out that 90 percent of 9,700 species of birds mate for life. The statistical fact made me think why do birds, in particular, have this culture of mating for life.

After further research, I concluded that an environment and situation where it is beneficial to mate for life and free to do so causes them to mate for life. With the need to incubate eggs for months and look for food, birds having someone for life makes the most sense to save energy and time. After all the research I have done, what hit me was how the environment and situation of the birds led to most of them being able to mate for life while most mammals don’t.

As a Feng Shui master, this made me think about how the environment affects us humans as well. To some degree, birds and people are affected and are molded by their environment. For us people, it is called Earth luck. For birds, the environment they have had up until now has encouraged mating for life. For humans, their environment has a much bigger role: Earth luck consists of 33.3 percent of our success or failure. It has a larger role in ensuring the life we want.

As Earth luck consists of external and internal factors, the existence of elevation and natural landforms around the house, office or lot are important for external Earth Luck, and the position of beds, stoves, where noise is located in the area, is important for the internal Earth luck.

Having maximized your Earth luck means many things such as good health and academic luck, but despite that, your Man luck, your hard work, alongside your Earth Luck is what will make the most difference.

As Earth luck taps the energy in our environment, it is within our hands to direct the energy we get from the environment into something beneficial to us. These days, many people feel trapped, stuck and encaged while feeling unable to grow out of the box they have been placed in. Our environment has so many influences in our lives and not just from a Feng Shui Perspective.

We are people of limitless potential and nothing should hinder us from achieving our dreams.

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