Eugenio: February 2021 bazi destiny reading

Judith Eugenio
·4 min read

Bazi is a destiny reading discipline utilizing your birth date and birth time. Decoding one’s bazi can lead to clarity in decision making, understanding yourself better and having a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

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Master,” follow these

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Yang Wood Day Master

Regardless of all the pressures you might face in this month, you’ll find yourself able to thrive amid all the tension. If February needs you to make major decisions about your career or business, be sure to weigh all the pros and cons before making a final decision. Be more attentive to your health, too, and avoid further stress-inducing situations.

Yin Wood Day Master

Get ready to do more heavy lifting, figuratively speaking, as February will bring you wonderful moneymaking prospects by letting you either lead projects or take on additional workload. Your work environment will be a bit challenging this month but you’ll really shine brighter as you take on bigger roles. Be mindful, however, when signing contracts and agreements. Read all the fine details to make sure you have all your legal bases covered.

Yang Fire Day Master

For the month of February, anticipate supplementary sources of income to boost your finances. You could be receiving dividends from stocks or bonds you’ve invested on years ago, or you could be given an inheritance you weren’t expecting—whatever it is, do take heed to save a bulk of it in these unpredictable times especially as we’re not out of the woods yet with this pandemic.

Yin Fire Day Master

February brings a brighter side to things when you’ll be able to reap the financial rewards of all your hard work and perseverance from the last year. Look forward to either a promotion at work, an increase in customers’ interests in your business, or just an overall surge in your holdings.

Yang Earth Day Master

You may have wanted to develop some artistic ideas, like painting on a large canvas, taking up photography, making dainty designs through baking, or learning how to play a musical instrument for so long. Don’t wait any longer as this month signals that any artistic endeavor you partake in will be a bountiful one.

Yin Earth Day Master

If there are plans you’ve wanted to fulfill, be it in your career or social life, go on and do it as this month will really give you the opportunities to come into contact with a wider audience who will be more than willing to listen to all you have to say. February might find you a tad too combative should you run into someone who might counter your ideas so always remember to keep your cool.

Yang Metal Day Master

This month will see you bringing rays of light into people’s lives by hobnobbing with them. Your positivity and profound insights will be a source of inspiration for others, so make the most out of your social events by connecting with colleagues, old friends, and new acquaintances on a deeper level.

Yin Metal Day Master

As the world starts to recuperate from the coronavirus thanks to the released vaccines, businesses and the economy in general are starting to pick up the pace again. Now would be an opportune time for you to capitalize on your charisma by either reaching out to leaders in your field or connecting to potential clients on social media.

Yang Water Day Master

February brings you amazing aptitudes to put to use some unconventional skills you’ve been keeping dormant inside of you. Whether you’ve always had the knack for writing or have been meaning to develop your desire for woodworking, make the most out of this month by sharpening your skills through online classes or in-person training.

Yin Water Day Master

February is going to be a stellar month for you in terms of intelligence and learning abilities. It’s highly advisable that you delve into programs that could help you elevate your chosen field of study because doing so helps you increase your career or business value. Don’t let the month pass you by without furthering your knowledge.