Eugenio: When feng shui is correct

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One of the most common questions people ask me is, “What is feng shui?” and “Where does the Qi or positive energy come from?”

People wonder, how does the energy enter our home or office?

Feng shui is the energy of our environment. When we talk about external energy flow, the location of the water is extremely important. Water, in the feng shui perspective, brings wealth opportunities in the form of career, business or investments. This could be a river, lake or a pond and must be within 400 meters from the point of reference (home of client) and should flow in a peaceful or sentimental way.

The “Qi” or positive feng shui enters through the main entrance of our home or office. This is why the main door location is important to plan out during the design process, strategically placing it at the right sector to face where the energy source is, to usher the positive energy successfully inside our home or office.

When we talk about internal energy flow, aside from the main door, we check the two remaining important areas: The kitchen location and bed position. These areas must be in alignment with the energy flow and we must ensure that the energy can flow smoothly and won’t be disconnected.

When feng shui is positive, you will have the best mental and physical health to go after wealth. You will have the enthusiasm and motivation to take on all career and business opportunities. Importantly, you will have the ability to take care of your relationship with your family and the people you love.

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