Eugenio: Feng shui forecast for April 2021

Judith Eugenio
·4 min read

The purpose of this feng shui forecast is to provide clarity. When the energy is positive, maximize to your advantage. When the energy is negative you manage what you can with it.

The point of reference is your Main Door Sector: Stand at the center of your home and with a compass, identify where your main door is located (not facing).

East Main Door Sector

The Victory Star is in your sector and will bring with it rousing opportunities for promotion, business expansion, or receiving awards for career recognition. Well done to you for putting in all the extra effort in months past, but take care not to overwork yourself as you go after your goals. Remind yourself constantly, too, that while receiving rewards is great, keeping yourself grounded and unassuming is greater.

Southeast Main Door


Safeguard yourself and your loved ones by always eating healthy, taking daily multivitamins, regular exercising, and keeping social distancing and safety measures in place. Avoid home renovation plans for now, even if you’re planning to do just some light hammering, best not to continue with any noise-generating activities this month at all.

South Main Door Sector

The Robbery Star will be descending upon your sector so your dual aims for this month is to add extra layers of physical protection in your homes or businesses, and to monitor your surroundings, wherever you are at the moment, to see if nothing sketchy is going on around you. Be careful in all your travels especially if you return home late at night. Protect yourself better by keeping the South sector undisturbed and silent, and avoid any digging, drilling, or welding plans at your space.

Southwest Main Door


There will be exciting opportunities to propel forward in your career or for your business to develop into a more successful brand. Take action with plans you’ve been carrying in your mind for a while now, and while you’re at it, go ahead and start making plans for short-term and long-term endeavors. Your foresight will be greatly rewarded in the future with auspicious vibes.

West Main Door Sector

For homes and establishments whose main doors are in the West sector, there’s going to be a foreboding sense of catastrophes in your work, family, and social lives so best to keep this sector as quiet and as calm as you possibly can. Money issues might arise causing you to shave off a huge amount off your savings to cover some unexpected expenses. Relationship issues might also pop up, causing severe conflicts at home.

Northwest Main Door


Creativity will be boosted highly this month, so for those still in school or taking any summer classes, your performance spells success. For those who are single, romance has a chance to blossom this month, while those undergoing relationship issues will see April give them a chance to work things out happily. Activate this sector with music, lighting, and movement to harness the good energies.

North Main Door Sector

Auspicious energies will be floating around to bring in opportunities to earn more at work, or to receive dividends on investments, or to see a surge in sales for one’s business ventures. Increased money luck is going to be the theme for the month, and while it’s great that you will be receiving more, the best way to show gratitude for the blessings is always by paying it forward.

Northeast Main Door


Those residing or taking up office in homes and establishments whose main doors are in the Northeast sector will be seeing an increase in their career and social statuses as they will be blessed with chances to take on higher roles or will be invited to join esteemed organizations. Fame might not even be too far behind. There’s also the opportunity to receive windfall luck from the most unexpected circumstances so keep your eyes and ears open for any prospects.

Center Sector of Homes and Offices

For every home and office this month, the energy is all about conflicts and confrontation so take care not to let friendly discussions turn into heated arguments. As the summer heat continues to escalate, so will temperatures flare, so it’s best to keep your cool at all times even when people around you are challenging your thoughts and ideas. Have more patience when dealing with others and if a hurtful word is exchanged, try to control your emotions instead of blowing up.

This forecast is based on the Flying Star Feng Shui system and is not a replacement for an in-depth and comprehensive feng shui home and office consultation. If you wish to learn more, you may visit