Eugenio: Feng shui forecast for November 2021

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Feng shui is only one-third of the luck from the environment that influences events and the luck in our daily lives. In the usage of classical feng shui techniques, we can align our property toward the positive energy from the external environment and harness the surrounding good energy to flow inside where we live or work through our houses’ main door in order to: increase investment success, promote the chances of business or career opportunities, improve relationships with people and improve the health of a building’s inhabitants.

The purpose of this feng shui forecast is to provide clarity. When the energy is positive, maximize to your advantage; and when the energy is negative, you manage what you can with it. The point of reference is your “Main Door Sector.”

East Main Door Sector: Star #3, Quarrelsome

You’re going to find November to be a conflict-ridden month for you. Things can also get stressful. Therefore, you need to be extra patient and avoid letting small squabbles turn into blown out of proportion quarrels. Keep your cool by engaging in meditation, yoga or other mindfulness activities that help you with breathing exercises and choose calmness over conflict at all times. Don’t push through with any home renovation activities.

Southeast Main Door Sector: Star #4, Academics and Relationship

Exciting things are ahead in November as educational achievements will be potentially reaped, especially if there is a student in your household. For single people, the energy here can bring in higher chances of meeting a potential mate who will check off your boxes of qualities that you’re looking for in a partner. The same goes for those in steady relationships and committed marriages, the star brings in more joy and devotion into your coupledom.

South Main Door Sector: Star #9, Multiplying

The next period star is bringing you career success and money luck, which could come in the form of new job offers with high salary, a big project that you will spearhead or getting recognized at work with an increase in your income. It’s also a good time for you to start planning for the year that’s coming, so lay down those vision boards or write your intentions on your journals.

Southwest Main Door Sector: Star #2, Sickness

Be extremely cautious as the illness star pervades. As routines start to return with Covid-19 cases dropping, it’s normal to assume that things are finally okay again. They’re not. There’s still more than a thousand cases of Covid-19 each day, so be very careful in all your dealings, always mask up and sanitize your hands wherever you may be. Don’t forget your daily intake of vitamins and minerals too. Having home renovation plans for this month is a big no-no.

West Main Door Sector: Star #7, Robbery and Violence

There could be instances of break-ins at home or office politics could spiral into fistfights. If you’re also driving late at night, assault could be awaiting you. So equip yourself with safety measures like installing additional security camera systems at home or adding double locks to your doors. At work, take care not to raise your voice whenever discussions become heated. At night, always pass through well-lit roads and highways. Avoid home renovation activities.

Northwest Main Door Sector: Star #6, Authority and Reputation

Anticipate opportunities that will see you get promoted at work or perhaps help you find the right collaborators to help you expand your business to regions you would have never expected before. Speculative luck is coming, so expect some extra cash to land on your lap this month. While it’s all fine and dandy to earn a little more than you were anticipating, make sure to save up as much as you can for the upcoming year.

North Main Door Sector: Star #1, Nobility

Wealth luck will manifest this time especially concerning positions and titles. If you’re active in your church or civic organization, you might be elected to become the next figurehead. If you’re a constant team player at work, your superiors might finally recognize your efforts and give you a much-deserved promotion. See yourself ascend through the ranks this month, but always see to it that you remain grounded throughout.

Northeast Main Door Sector: Star #8, Prosperous Wealth

Now is the perfect time to seek out career goals and financial goals, like pushing through with those business plans, making investments (with good, calculated risk of course), or fulfilling a dream artistic project. Increased money luck is on your side so do the things that spark joy in your life to attract more of these wealth opportunities. When the financial harvest does come, pay it forward and share the blessings with loved ones, or perhaps by supporting a charity.

Center Sector of every home and office: Star #5, Disaster and Misfortune

Setbacks and problems may arise. Accidents may happen. Chances of unplanned expenses may result. Your business might suffer heavy losses or you might get demoted at work. So keep yourself balanced and grounded this whole month by praying, meditating and being mindful of your words and actions at all times. Do not activate the center sector with any sounds or movements that might disturb it. Don’t attempt any drilling or hammering activities.

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