Eugenio: Feng Shui killing energy

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There is such a thing as a cancer house and you can be living in one.

“I am not really sure if you will show up, but I took a chance on you because I want harmony between me and my husband, that my son who survived cancer will stay healthy and that our business will continue to support us.” These were the words of my client when she picked me up at the airport.

And as my Feng Shui SOP (standard operating procedure)—first, I conducted a Feng Shui property analysis. I asked my client to drive me around the vicinity of the house. I want to see first the mountain location, water exit point, land elevation, busy crossroad junction, external huge and sharp structures like water towers, cell sites, big pylons and other factors that may give this family a positive or negative energy flow. After assessing the environment, I move into the internal house layout audit. I check the floor plan to check the internal flow if there are any disconnections of energies.

The house is definitely tapping into wealth, but the son is suffering greatly. He is actually sleeping in a room that’s causing his illness. And the land form is also contributing to the sickness. Right there and then, I did the immediate needed changes in the internal house energy flow.

After nine days, I met again with my client together with their architect to deliver my full Feng Shui Report on how to increase the positive energy of the house based on new layout and external land form.

It was an emotional experience as I am also a mother and more than anything, we only want the best for them, mentally and physically. Remember, that it’s not our fault that we accidentally choose a negative Feng Shui house because most of us are not aware that these things exist and that there are energies that can contribute to the detriment of our families’ well-being. On the other hand, we do have the power now to pick which house to live in and to ensure next time that we place our family in a positive Feng Shui environment.

To my client, thank you for loving your son, and this is why I do what I do. I couldn’t think of a greater reason why we should take action but simply because we love them.

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