Eugenio: Is your feng shui making you sick?

Judith Eugenio
·4 min read

THE purpose of this feng shui forecast is to provide clarity. The November period is from Nov. 7 to Dec. 6. When the energy is positive, maximize to your advantage, and when the energy is negative, you manage what you can with it. The point of reference is your Main Door Sector. See illustration on how to get your Main Door Sector.

East Main Door Sector

The pandemic continues to call for many heavy decisions to be made, which may come easier this month to those with their main door in the East. Have confidence in your choices this month as November brings in a most positive star to guide you through your decision-making. This’ll become especially helpful for big, life-altering steps like expanding into a new business venture, shifting jobs or a whole new career and making investments.

Southeast Main Door Sector

Crime and violence remain problematic even amid the pandemici. If your main door is located in the Southeast, you’re at higher risk of garnering such negative attention. Heavy physical losses is an unfortunate likelihood this month. While prioritizing precautions for your health, don’t forget to fortify your home as well to prevent this. Secure your doors, windows and gates even if you’re just at home.

South Main Door Sector

November will be a long trial of patience if your main door is in the South sector as the quarrelsome star currently resides here. You may experience more friction than usual with friends, family and colleagues, which may lead to regrettable decisions and damage to your relationship if you negatively engage them. Instead, strive to persevere in patience and extend understanding to them.

Southwest Main Door Sector

It’s critical to keep the peace in the Southwest sector this month, especially if your main door is here as a most ominous star currently prevails over it. November is an unfortunate period of high risks that may involve illness, surprise expenses, heavy money losses and other catastrophes. So keep this sector absolutely quiet, postpone renovations or activities here and avoid spending time there yourself if it can be helped.

West Main Door Sector

After such a grueling year with much struggle, stress and grief, you’re finally receiving the recognition you deserve for keeping it together despite it all. This month hard-earned victory comes to those with their main door in the West in great opportunities for garnering prestige from their workplace and professional spheres. You’ve done much and done well and you’re greatly appreciated for your efforts.

Northwest Main Door Sector

For those with their main door located in the Northwest — it’s the lucky break you’ve been waiting for! The multiplying star will be sweeping in this November, bringing you a bounty of good commercial prospects and business luck. Rejoice in your good fortune and feel at ease that you’ll be taken care of this month. However, this isn’t an invitation to act frivolously or complacently.

North Main Door Sector

November brings good tidings to those with their main door in the North sector. Students will feel a boost in productivity and motivation this month to aid their studies. So if you’ve been thinking about pursuing higher learning to make the most of the pandemic, now is the most opportune time to hit the books once more. Businesses and professionals can also look forward to smoother negotiations.

Northeast Main Door Sector

Many have adjusted to the new normal, raring to return to their old pace and routine — at times at the cost of safety and vigilance. Don’t fall into this trap of complacency, especially if your main door lies in the Northeast as the illness star looms over your home this month. If you must leave your home, do so with the utmost caution. Never forget your face mask, face shield and alcohol and strictly observe social distancing.

Center Sector

The heart of every home and office is where prosperous wealth lies this month, such good news. After these long months of risk and uncertainty, this may be the green light you’ve been waiting for as November is an incredible period of opportunity. Put plans into motion and get projects off the ground.