Eugenio: With great power comes great responsibility

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During the early stages of my career, I had unintentionally kept a low profile when it came to my knowledge of Feng Shui. One reason was that I was also juggling my work as an events manager and duties as a parent. The most impactful and life-changing realization that I came to as to why I did not grow as a Feng Shui master back then was because of my fear.

The knowledge I learned has the potential to make or break people which I was afraid of utilizing. In my line of work, the aspects that I have the most influence in regards to my clients are in Heaven and Earth luck, which is one’s innate personality and the energy of their surroundings respectively.

These particular factors are what my attentiveness, carefulness, and tact needed the most. To be able to give accurate information with the best words is important in helping the people who ask for my services. With Heaven luck especially, tact is very important. Although Heaven luck encompasses only 33.3 percent of what contributes to our success and failure, it doesn’t change how one can feel when hearing about their Heaven luck.

Heaven Luck can reveal the best things and worst things about a person. To communicate those traits with the right words and tone is the difference between raising the person up or putting them down on a more difficult path.

Earth luck is much different relative to Heaven luck. People, in general, have an idea of what their Heaven luck would look like, so my clients expect some of what I can relay to them. With Earth luck, their full trust and belief are on me. To be able to find the home with the energy that is most suited for my client must be handled with utmost precision and accuracy to ensure that their desires are met. With so many things that could go right with Feng Shui, so many things can go wrong as well. The chance of people feeling worse or having worse luck after meeting a Feng Shui master is something that is within the realm of possibility.

Feng Shui is a powerful tool that, in the wrong hands, can cause more chaos and misfortune. In the end, I am glad I went through that phase of being afraid of my knowledge. If I didn’t realize the power I wield early on, who knows what mistakes I would have made. Now that I have overcome my fear with even greater resolve to help people, I am now more motivated and confident that I am able to inform many and more people their path of least resistance and their path to success.

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