Eugenio: Our greatness

Going into my career, the first people I taught the Three Factors of Human Success were my family members, and a question asked by my youngest son struck me. He asked, “Since Heaven Luck exists, are people destined to be great and others not?” It left me speechless. It is true that, in one’s Heaven Luck, the jobs most suited for them can be found, but it made me think, is that all they could be? Then one day, I realized that although not all can be in “great” jobs, but everyone can achieve greatness nonetheless.

When people hear the phrase “a great job,” people usually think scientists, engineers, or entrepreneurs and never really the janitors, office workers, or call center agents. While it is true that not all people can be scientists or business people, it is a sad thought that, because of our Heaven Luck, one is unfavorable or has little luck in a certain field, especially if it’s a field one wants to pursue. Despite how one profession may be unfavorable for some, one must not forget the right job destined for someone always exists.

Our Man Luck, our own hard work, plays a huge role in finding the profession for us. Without proper work, one may not be able to find it at all. Immersing oneself in multiple fields, even in fields where you may not usually try to get into, can help in one’s quest to find the right job, even if that job is someone simple like a janitor. Even if being a janitor doesn’t sound as exciting as other jobs, the impact and greatness your existence can bring can be monumental.

I recall a story from my youngest son about a janitor from his school. It was a janitor that he had known from Grade 1 to when he left in Grade 10. During that time, the janitor had a big impact on him. He was this big and strong looking man who was kind and gentle. All the kids would talk to him and crowd around his tall stature and have a good time. Despite of it all, he was still a janitor, but to my son and probably more people, he was someone more than that.

So, to answer my son’s question, everyone is destined to be great. Being able to lighten up the lives of others and make things better is what makes people great and is not exclusive to a job. Like that janitor from my son’s school, it doesn’t matter who you are, but if you are able to do what you love with passion every day, the world of others will certainly change and that’s the greatest thing you can do.