Eugenio: How to handle a great challenge

·2 min read

Many hurdles lie between us and our goals. Some can be hopped over easily and others gigantic and immovable. While others see these humongous mountains as things they gladly accept, for some, it compels them to question one’s worth and ability to scale such a height. Although it is true that no hurdle is too high for your goals, being in the wrong headspace and environment can make it impossible, however, there is always something that can be done.

One of the biggest hindrances that exist in our life isn’t always what’s around us, but what’s inside of us. Having your own mind rebel and go against what you want is something I can sympathize with especially. Despite these mental blocks, there is something we can do to remedy these blocks. From simply taking a break, to finding a new perspective, or taking time to think about your goal, many things can be done to refresh an exhausted mind.

A more difficult hindrance to remove is how our environment could be not supportive to our goals. For many, finding a proper environment to work on our goals is out of reach. Despite that, what can be done is slowly but surely chipping down the large challenge in front of you. As long as the will to achieve our goal exists, any progress, even the most minute, can make a difference.

In my line of work, this calls to mind the Human Luck and Earth Luck of a person. Human luck is there to remind us how much work must be put into our own selves to achieve our goals. As certain environments affect our progress, Earth luck parallels that since Earth luck can be tapped and manipulated to align with our goals as well. Oftentimes, we feel helpless regarding these tall trials, but having the knowledge on how to tackle them equips us with the tools to take them up.

Words from my youngest son when he was still a child came to me as I write this. It went like “Washing the dishes looks tough when there is a lot to wash, but is easy after slowly starting.” It reminds me that no matter how hard the path the goal may be, what matters is that we start doing it. Slowly working at the task at hand, no matter how large, means that half the battle has already been won. All that is left now is consistent effort and it will eventually be finished. No matter what lies before us, it is no match to one that has an iron will and a committed heart.

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