Eugenio: The heart of the home

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We human beings, we are alive, moving and functioning because our hearts are healthy and pumping blood. Without our hearts, it’s impossible to live. With a balanced diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, we keep our hearts beating and this keeps us going on and living productive and happy lives.

Our homes need to be treated like a living and breathing organism. This means that at the center of your house is its heart.

In Feng Shui practice, we treat the center of the house as one of the most important areas in a home. The center of the house should be quiet and free from any activity.

Check the center of your home. Is there anything going on? Is it just a walkway or is there a toilet? Is there a stove? Is it where your stairs are located?

It is to be avoided at all costs to have any activity like flushing, cooking, or any fire activation for this will cause the negative energy there to be activated.

Things that can happen are cardiovascular related issues within the family, home relationship conflicts, possible money loss, and additional unnecessary difficulties in your career.

And when you do find some sort of activity in the center, immediately stop any kind of movement.

Like the body, our hearts should be calm and stable. We should treat the center of our homes the same. Leave it calm and stable.

The center of the house is only one area but there are eight more sectors to look at. But for now, keep the center peaceful.

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