Eugenio: A helping hand

·2 min read

In one’s journey to achieve one’s goals, trials and struggles are bound to be in one’s way. As one works and grows, people who genuinely want to assist us will definitely be in our way. Despite people who want to help being there, oftentimes, the help they give doesn’t seem to resonate. The helping hand that people want to extend can often feel patronizing, belittling and, at worse, hurtful despite having good intentions. Understanding the right and wrong ways to give help will ensure the most growth of others and oneself as well.

Heaven Luck, One of the Three Factors of Human Success, tells us that people have unique innate traits within them. In the context of helping people, this shows that the same method of helping one person may not apply to someone else. People, with different upbringings, cultures, and characteristics, require different approaches and care to be able to help properly. Despite knowing the different approaches and care, it may be pointless if the help given is times poorly.

Man Luck is another of the Three Factors and it relates to the amount of work you put in. In our case, this tells us that the more work we put in it, the better the results. However, in helping others, that may not be the case. There are just times we should let others do the work with our support behind them. Finding the right time and conditions where the person one wants to help and can be helped is in our duty as people who want to see the people one loves to grow.

The last of the Three Factors, Earth Luck, involves the energy that is being tapped in the environment. In this scenario, Earth Luck is used to help someone find the perfect conditions for someone to be helped. More often than not, the reason one is unable to help is due to the person not accepting help. Letting the person be in an environment where they are more susceptible to help is important for someone who wants to truly help.

More than anything, one’s way of helping should be structured to let that person stand on their own. One should help not to let someone grow dependent on your help. Though it may sound sad to not be needed anymore, seeing the person one loves to grow into a strong independent person makes up for it. As the old saying goes, give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish, he eats for his whole life. As people who should lift each other up, let us teach each other to stand on our own and grow.