Eugenio: Your home’s feng shui affects your mental health

Judith Eugenio
·2 min read

Your mental health has a direct correlation with the feng shui of your home. When I audit clients’ homes and properties, there is a pattern with those who are emotionally and mentally unstable. Their homes have terrible feng shui.

I’ve heard plenty of stories of homeowners moving into new houses thereafter their relationships, mental health and finances start to fall apart. But now those same people who had told those stories in the past are now the same ones who are grateful for having fixed their problem.

Good feng shui allows positive energy that exists in the surrounding environment of your property to flow through the main door and all throughout the home. The opposite of this would be negative energy that adversely affects the inhabitants of the home.

The most common indicator of bad home feng shui is when you or your co-inhabitants start feeling that they would rather be somewhere else than home. When it comes to mental health, the feeling of wanting to be “in another place” rather than being content with one’s predisposition is almost always caused by bad happenings, bad relationships and/or just pure bad luck that occurs within the home.

In my practice, I prioritize an environment for clients wherein they can have a place where they can think clearly, have good judgement and accumulate more wisdom. She prioritizes lots or homes where the inhabitants will be more inclined to be academically successful, financially prosperous and socially healthy.

Invest in a home with good feng shui. Place yourself and your family in an environment with good energy and make a home there. A home with good feng shui will bring harmony, prosperity, success and most of all it can provide mental stability, the ability to think clearly and to feel at peace.