Eugenio: January 2021 bazi destiny reading

Judith Eugenio
·5 min read

BAZI is a destiny reading discipline utilizing your birth date and birth time. Decoding one’s bazi can lead to clarity in decision-making, understanding yourself better, and having a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

To know your “Day Master,” follow these following steps:


Input gender

Input birth details

Plot chart

Locate “Day Master”

Yang Wood Day Master

January brings you wonderful opportunities to reap more earnings. You might be receiving good news in relation to your career, which could relate to a promotion, or if you’ve been on the lookout for a job since the pandemic broke, this could be the moment you finally get a lucrative offer. Don’t get too zealous, however, as it’s still wise for you to remain prudent, saving up your extra funds for these unpredictable times.

Yin Wood Day Master

Well done on making it through a turbulent year. As you start off this new one, you’ll be pleased to know that you have all within your capacity this month to make extra income with your business or other entrepreneurial undertakings. A windfall could potentially arise from investments you’ve made in years prior. Make it a point to store most of what you suddenly earn so you could always be prepared for anything in the future.

Yang Fire Day Master

January is going to be a month of stellar performances for you. You will be communicating a lot of your fine ideas into realized projects, so go ahead and execute those plans. Take heed, however, to refrain from being combative this month, especially as you embark on projects with others who are also involved. Hear out what other people have to suggest and you just might end up reaping greater ideas that will make your project even better.

Yin Fire Day Master

In this first month of the New Year, your creativity will come to play in a very big way. You’ll be inspired to work on artistic pursuits this January, and if you follow through with your aspirations, you just might end up making money that you didn’t expect to make at all. Be strategic about your creative activities this month and see yourself being rewarded delightfully.

Yang Earth Day Master

January is an opportune time for you to go out and make yourself known. And don’t just settle for making yourself known, but get the chance to know new people as well because mingling among your peers in your industry could lead you to your biggest breakthrough this year. Just a word of precaution, keep standard health and safety protocols in mind when you go out and hobnob with people as the pandemic still continues to linger around our breathing space.

Yin Earth Day Master

It’s understandable that with last year’s prolonged lockdown, you’re going to want out and be with people again. You’ll want it even more so this January as your propensity to socialize with friends and strangers alike will be at an all-time high. So go ahead and reach out to people you miss, or take it a step and meet new people who could help you achieve certain goals. Keep in mind though to observe social distancing and wear a face mask always.

Yang Metal Day Master

One lasting resolution you can make for yourself in this New Year is the gift of continued learning, and a great way to do just that is to carry on with higher learning. If you’ve always dreamt of getting your MBA or PhD, or wanted to study a course that’s always interested you, then now is the perfect time to start looking into it. This is a step forward in the right direction, which could eventually lead you to even much bigger things in life.

Yin Metal Day Master

You can start 2021 spectacularly by engaging yourself in workshops, whether online or in person, for skills that you’d like to upgrade yourself with. This could either be culinary school, art lessons, dance class, or whatever else you’ve always been interested to learn from. You’ll never know that this new skill you develop ends up becoming a sustainable career path for you in the long run.

Yang Water Day Master

January could bring you favorable news in relation to the charisma you exude, branding you as a natural leader. You’ll see yourself being assigned to lead bigger tasks or take control of a major project that will give you lucrative outcomes. Just ensure that if you’re asked to sign any contracts this month, make sure to read the fine print so you don’t end up facing legal issues eventually.

Yin Water Day Master

In this month of January, opportunity arises for you to lead a small group of people or initiate a project that has a lot of potential for earning. On the flipside, you’re going to possibly face off a lot of stress, too, brought about by these opportunities. Be mindful of all the cards that will lie in front of you before making any major decisions. Study all your options, and only when you’ve done so can you go ahead and decide. Single ladies wishing for love in 2021 should put effort this January in putting themselves out there.