Eugenio: A little push

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Recently, two of my children and I had the opportunity to learn something called Vedic Astrology. Basically, Vedic Astrology is a tool that can help someone understand other people and oneself, which makes it similar to how I find one’s Heaven luck. My daughter was excited and eager to learn; however, it took time to convince my son.

From his Heaven Luck, I knew my son would love something like Vedic Astrology, but he was hesitant at first. He had the potential to be good at something unconventional, but something that was difficult for him is getting him to take risks and try new things. After a bit of convincing, he decided he should try, and after the six days of class, he is now amazed and awe-struck by Vedic Astrology. With my little push, he was able to experience something truly eye opening.

The details revealed in one’s Heaven Luck aren’t just limited to who we are now, our potentials are also revealed. Having an understanding with one’s or someone else’s Heaven luck gives you the opportunity to guide and direct when one or someone is lost. The feeling of going around in circles is a dreadful one, but one is able to find the path of least resistance through one’s Heaven Luck.

Naturally, without the proper Man Luck, the potential in our Heaven Luck can not be maximized. This doesn’t mean Man and Heaven Luck should be treated separately because they compliment each other. Understanding Heaven Luck can guide how one should take action. Using my son as an example, I would never have convinced him if I knew Vedic Astrology was not compatible with him. Our knowledge should be used to direct and guide people where they can grow.

All people are created equal, yet are all fundamentally different. As much as we all have our differences and quirks that make us unique and special, we are all connected and have impact on each other. Our impact with one another should not be one that restricts and confines who we can or can not be. Our little, yet significant pushes should be done with the intent of developing and embracing all that makes us unique as it makes the world a little bit more beautiful.

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