Eugenio: Look into oneself

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One thing I have noticed that hinders one from growing is the inability to admit one has done wrong. It is said that realizing one has done wrong is where change and growth can begin in a person, and that is true.

However, what is neglected is realizing the impact our mistakes have on the people around us. Recognizing how one has faulted oneself and others due to the situation is not only the start of our growth, but could be the start for others, too.

I have been honing my craft for more than 10 years now, and I can’t say that my journey is over nor that it was a smooth one. Mistakes and failures scatter all throughout my journey and I can’t say for certain I was the only one affected by my shortcomings. I may not be able to change the past, but I can make do with what I know and have right now to improve myself and all around me.

This calls to my mind the importance of The Three Factors of Human Success. As much as they benefit one person, they can assist those around them as well. Heaven Luck can guide whether one is able to help others while Earth luck and Man Luck makes sure one taps the right energy and does the right action to help people, respectively. While one should focus on one’s growth, assisting those we love and helping them grow should be focused, too.

When it comes to being there for the ones we love, Man Luck is the most important factor to consider. Oftentimes, taking action and asking and listening to the struggles of those we love is enough. Hurting people sometimes can’t be avoided and it may often affect them more than what they like to admit, but remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and growth takes a slow process.

However, taking action can backfire sometimes and would only cause wounds and damages to be increased. Finding the right time and support when taking action is important as Heaven and Earth Luck can guide what time would have the most impact. Finding the time where emotions won’t be high and support from the energy of the land can ensure a positive outcome from any engagement.

A constant and sustainable balance is always the goal when I consult someone. Balancing out the wrong committed with good is the ideal scenario I aim to give to my clients. As it is true that one can’t please everyone, one can at least do right to those we have wronged. Recognizing, apologizing, and being better to avoid causing harm again may be the change those one has wrong need to see to start growing as well.

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