Eugenio: Moving on

It’s a good time to reflect on what one had just experienced this year. A common feeling I see during this period of reflection is how people are still “processing previous years” instead of that one going to end. Although it is good to gain wisdom from the past, to dwell on it might delay any newer wisdom one can be having from recent events. Though our past can be hazy, moving on and accepting what happened is the start of learning from the past.

Due to various reasons, our past can be hard to remember. One thing that can help us remember is our Heaven Luck. Heaven Luck is one of the Factors of Human Success and it deals with one’s past, characteristics and future. By making one aware of the experiences that happened in one’s life, it may help in confronting and accepting what occurred to us, which can help in moving on. However, simply knowing isn’t enough as understanding is just as important.

While being able to peer in the past, Heaven Luck can also give insight into one’s traits. This is important as in the past few years, during quarantine, most people most likely just did their best to survive that period. Emotions were regulated and fun was scarce as many were on auto pilot just trying to survive. Heaven Luck can also be used to see one’s disposition at a certain time, even if unaware of one’s emotions. Even if one is given the information about what to do with one’s past, it is still within the hands of the person to make a difference.

Another important factor is also one’s Man Luck, one’s hard work. It doesn’t matter how much one knows to become better if it is not paired with a will to be better. Although it may be difficult to grow from such a period of stagnation, with little progress, one is still making an effort to grow. Even if one is not yet in a favorable environment to grow, laying the foundations now for one’s growth is another way to exercise one’s Man Luck as well.

It is fair to be hung up on the time lost in the early years of the pandemic. What would have been days of bonding and creating memories were lost because of it. For some, it was bearable, others difficult, to the point it might as well have been a bad dream. Moving forward involves accepting that, while it is true that precious time was lost, it doesn’t mean time has to keep being wasted. With eyes focused on now and what’s to come, anyone will be able to be better and move forward.