Eugenio: All this noise

·2 min read

Personally, noise is a big distraction, and I believe it is to others as well. Loud construction, music, and even door slams can distract. However, certain noises can’t be ignored since they come from within. Worries, troubles, and pains that remain unsaid and unheard that continually distract and, at worse, plague people can, over time, affect one’s motivation and focus. Although the noise can be unbearable, one is not helpless against it. The noise may jumble our thoughts, but with clarity and support, one is able to find an answer in all of the noise.

In the perspective of my line of work, the noise of one may not be as bothersome as of another. Heaven Luck, one of the three factors of Human Success or Failure, tells us that one could be hardwired from birth to be affected more gravely. Knowledge that our thoughts can be our own worst enemy can be disheartening, but this must not stop us from mastering our thoughts. Knowing our Heaven Luck is only 33.3 percent of our downfall, the other 66.6 percent can still be controlled.

The negativity that grows the noise within is definitely an issue; however, the environment may contribute to worsening the noise too. The surroundings of one can often be the strongest influence on one’s mentality, and when the surrounding is both negative and, currently, unchangeable, it may only spell future troubles. With many people with silent battles, the best that can be done is being sensitive, understanding and thoughtful.

Despite all the things that can contribute to the noise, our Man Luck, our hard work, will be our main way of managing the noise, and the way to help it is to talk about it. As simple as it may sound, it is unfortunately not as easy. Finding the right people to tell, finding the courage, and realizing that one is worth helping are just some of the hurdles one needs to overcome to start to share. The road to managing the noise is a long and hard one, but it may just be worth it.

Life is full of worries, fear and uncertainty. The thought of how none of us really know what’s in store ahead of us is scary. However, we don’t have to be alone. The thoughts that weigh heavy don’t have to be carried by one and one alone. Those who love us and care for us will always be there for us in achieving clarity, but don’t forget to be there for oneself too. In this life full of sounds from everything and anything, there are always things worth finding through all of this noise.

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