Eugenio: Do not fear change

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The year 2022 is just three months away. The past year, we all have been placed in difficult situations and it feels as if this suffering will last forever. This year 2021 has been hard for the majority of us. We have been feeling sad about the news we see and hear and things going on in our immediate surrounding environment. We’ve been feeling extremely anxious due to the uncertainty the future brings.

I am here to tell you that energies change daily, monthly, annually and every 10 years. Even in a day, energies change every two hours. This pain that you feel right now will not last forever. It will pass and you will feel positive again maybe in two days or even in two hours. Things can change in a moment. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Energies come and go. You will get better and you will be at a better place, as long as you take the right action moving forward.

Going through storms can be positive for you especially when these circumstances will shape you into a better and a much wiser person when you come out of it.

Do not fear changes and hardships. Embrace them because they are part of life. It is part of evolution. The most important part is being grounded and steady while you go through some negative experiences.

We all have this need to control our environment, control the people that we love or control certain situations because we want to produce positive outcomes. When we learn that our control is limited, we get frustrated and anxious. Again, the ultimate control you have is your control over yourself. You have the power to control your thoughts, your reactions and the actions you take or not take.

Some news you will love to know is that you can have access to knowing upcoming energies. Through knowing your Bazi Destiny Birth Chart, when we calculate using your birthday and birthtime, we can see future energies to prepare yourself for whether it is positive or negative. And when you choose to live in a positive energy Feng Shui environment, you will be surprised at the amount of growth you will have in all aspects.

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