Eugenio: October 2021 Bazi destiny forecast

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Bazi is a destiny reading discipline utilizing your birth date and birth time. Decoding one’s BaZi can lead to clarity in making a decision, understanding yourself better and having a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

How can you best live your life for this month? To know your “Day Master,” follow these following steps:

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Yang Wood Day Master

An unexpected bonanza will pop up, perhaps from various sources, like an inheritance portion, a monetary gift from a valued friend, or from high trading profits you didn’t see coming from your stock or crypto investments. Try to plan ahead on what to do once you receive this extra financial blessing, and always prioritize saving money first before splurging on fleeting extravagances.

Yin Wood Day Master

You’re highly likely to receive a plum reward for all the hard work you’ve displayed, and this could come anywhere from either a salary bonus, a sales quota incentive, a sudden increase in revenue in your business, and the like. As always, save first for rainy days before spending on material things so you’ll have more peace of mind into the future.

Yang Fire Day Master

Don’t hold back when it comes to tending to your creative flair. You’re going to find it naturally easy for you to express your emotions and inner thoughts this time and the best way for you to express them would be through artistic pursuits like painting, photography, embroidery, or even Tiktok videos of you dancing. If you just drop all inhibitions and let yourself share your art to the world, you’ll be amazed at the responses you will be getting. Best of all, you might just end up turning your art into something you can monetize upon in the long run.

Yin Fire Day Master

You’ll see yourself delegated to speak either with micro teams in your company, a cluster of your most loyal customers in your business, or perhaps in your church or civic organization, for whatever need may be that you can impart your ideas to these groups. The foremost thing you have to note though is the tendency to be combative might be high for you this month; especially if there will be objections to your ideas by other parties. You can avoid any ugly confrontation if you program your mind to not react impulsively, but to allow others to share their own ideas, too.

Yang Earth Day Master

Your need to engage and connect with other people will be heightened. A lot of people can surely use your company, too, as you’ll find yourself having the ability to put people at ease with your presence. So go ahead and make plans to meet up with friends and colleagues you haven’t seen in a long time, as you might just end up receiving some form of blessing from these meet-ups, too, like an offer to collaborate on a project or a well-boosted reference to a job offer. But don’t be too complacent though, and make sure that you’re still wearing your facemask and observing physical distancing protocols when catching up with people.

Yin Earth Day Master

Your charisma will be rocketing through the roof so take advantage of that by attending brainstorm sessions at work or association meetings to organizations you are connected with. Joining these gatherings will be really advantageous to you, especially if you’re looking to climb up the corporate ladder or connect with the right people in business that can mentor you. As per usual, keep your facemask on, even if you’re already fully vaccinated, so you can keep yourself and those around you safe from the virus.

Yang Metal Day Master

You’re going to find yourself drawn to metaphysical and spiritual schools of thought and if ever you’re weirded out by that initially, don’t be. It will be a gift for you to want to learn more thought-provoking disciplines outside of more traditional academic knowledge as your inherent desire to explore the unusual will lead you to a path of greater self-awareness and a quaint understanding of the world. If you develop this desire to learn, who knows, you might actually find yourself teaching these very things to others eventually and earning side income from something you truly are passionate about.

Yin Metal Day Master

One of the better ways to rise up to a higher level at work or to expand your business is by following up your education with continued learning. There are so many new developments brought about technology and changing trends through the years that are why it’s always a good idea to also level yourself up with all this new information. An opportune time for you to go back to school, or even taking an online course related to your work or business can already help you out greatly.

Yang Water Day Master

Your strong desire to grab at any opportunity will be quite visible and quite helpful for you, but take this as a caveat: do not make any impulsive decisions. Not all that glitters is gold so be more speculative in assessing opportunities to avoid any legal issues in the long run. Your leadership skills will also come into play but try not to be dominated by them yourself, lest you will find yourself having increased stress with all the added responsibilities.

Yin Water Day Master

There are many chances for you to grow in your career, perhaps with a promotion to a higher position or with the assignment for a big project. If you have your own business, you also have the chance to expand it wider either with new partnerships with capitalists or opening up new branches in other cities. These growth opportunities are great, but it would be prudent to not jump the gun easily whenever these prospects present themselves. Read the fine print if ever you’re required to sign contracts and for any major decisions, it’s best to consult with a lawyer or an expert before signing up for anything.

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