Eugenio: The Year of the Ox: Make It a Year of Love

Judith Eugenio
·3 min read

MAKE the year 2021 about you. Make it the year of being the best version of yourself; a person you are proud of. In Chinese Metaphysics, your destiny or bazi chart is used as a tool to guide you in preparing for each day, month, and even for each year that is to come. When it comes to love and relationships this year, you can be guided to find it and to keep it strong depending on how well your bazi chart’s energies mix with the energies of the new year.

We all want to change for the better, consciously or subconsciously; whether we want to be a better friend, a better artist, or have a better life overall. This is also the reason we like to create New Year’s resolutions. But more often than not, most people tend to not follow through with whatever they promise themselves to do. This year shall be different. It’s time to arm yourself with the knowledge of your bazi chart and make sure you are guided to go through that road of each year that passes to be more successful, healthy and stronger than the last.

Your destiny or bazi chart is based on your birth details: your birthdate and birth time. Your bazi is like your life’s blueprint, you can see everything that can be known about you and what else lies ahead of you. You can get to know why you are the way you are, your weaknesses and your strengths and even why you have the relationship you have with certain people. And in your bazi, we can see what type of person your potential partner is and what he/she is like. We can see where you will meet, how you will meet and when you will meet. Through knowing your bazi, you can strategize or align yourself in the right place and the right time to meet your one true love. And this won’t be just any person, but a person who is aligned with you as well. A person who loves everything about you and who accepts who you are. A person who truly cherishes and values you. Based on your destiny, there is someone truly compatible with you and both of your energies complement each other. There is such a system out there and you will know all of these by knowing your personalized bazi chart.

Bazi is not magic. It is a deep understanding and study of energies in the universe that are moving to align themselves to where they’re supposed to fall in place. But that does not mean we cannot act and influence the path of these energies. We are able to control our destiny with how we decide to act with the knowledge that we have of our bazi chart.

There is no time to sit and wait for the universe to create the circumstance that you want. You have to go out and meet people (safely while following social distancing and safety protocols). A good life is always available for us, especially when we take good care of ourselves. Prepare for 2021 by making it a year of love for yourself and for others that share that love with you.