Eugenio: Passive and active

·2 min read

An interesting video I watched recently struck me. The video deconstructed the norms, problems, and overall nature of the “peeping” in media. A line that struck me went along the lines of “Peeping is not a passive act, but an active one as it is a choice of violating someone’s privacy and being invasive.” The line made me think of acts that may seem harmless, but it unknowingly taints the mentality of a person. Although issues may not show now, understanding how actions may impact us in the future will lead to a more consistent and substantial growth.

One of the three factors of human success is our Heaven Luck, which is who one is and their characteristics. Heaven Luck is able to see future troubles and success as well. With this knowledge, one is able to minimize negative events and maximize positive ones. Realizing what those negative effects may be in the future allows someone to be able to avoid habits, tendencies, and routines that may worsen the negative effects that will go one’s way.

Another factor is Man Luck. Man Luck refers to the actions one does to achieve what is desired. The unhealthy habits one does are often hard to break. Self-destructive routine and familiarity would make it seem inconvenient and impossible to break as the routine itself may possibly have transformed into an addiction. Whatever the case may be, growth is what we must focus on, and anything that harms or damages our souls must be focused before we can flourish.

As people under one goal of self improvement, being a good influence and calling out our fellow person’s unhealthy habits and supporting them should be the standard. One should not stand idly by watching someone sully their mind and encourage the proliferation of an unhealthy mentality. As stated earlier, simply watching is never a passive act as it was chosen by the watcher to only watch.

No one on Earth is perfect. People have innate negative and positive traits within them. The process to maximize our good sides while minimizing, while not ignoring, our negative side is a long and hard road. With people with positive and healthy mindsets, this road becomes less burdensome and unstable. Hand in hand, let us develop ourselves and an environment where growth, empathy, and understanding are its solid and strong foundations.