Eugenio: Power of rest

Recently, I have been reflecting on my habits as an event manager almost over a decade ago. One trait I found that I had was how I fixated on continually working with almost no rest. As much as I know now the importance of rest, with my knowledge in Feng Shui, I have a greater understanding of how it impacts our lives. Although hard work and rest are both integral to one’s success, knowing the right time to rest or work is important as well.

One of the factors of Human Success is Heaven Luck, which is one’s characteristics and traits. However, with one’s Heaven Luck, one can also know the times where one is favored or not. With this in mind, one can plan times where one gives one’s all and times where it’s time to relax. Since bad things may occur during times of unfavorability, knowing these things can prevent progress from being hindered by sheer and continuous hard work.

Another factor of Human Success is also one’s Man Luck, which is the hard work one puts in. Although people think of action once people hear about hard work, what’s overlooked often is that choosing not to act is also taking action. In this case, though resting may seem like it is being lazy, choosing the right time to rest is one’s Man Luck being utilized. Since making use of one’s knowledge is also Man Luck, using the information from one’s Heaven Luck can ensure the most success in any field.

Finding time to unwind and calm down can be beneficial in many ways. Though the benefits of rest are well known, the benefit of “refreshing one’s mind” is heavily underrated. When one gets engrossed for too long on something, one tends to limit their way of thinking and perception. With a good break, epiphanies and “Eureka” moments can come that wouldn’t normally come.

Despite being formidable and strong vessels, our bodies are not impervious. Though one is able to strengthen one’s body, a limit will always exist. One’s body is the only one fully capable of knowing when it is too much. Although exceeding our limits and improving oneself is the goal, knowing when too much is too much is the difference between growth and destruction. Despite one may feel lazy or stagnant during rest, the reset resting gives is more than taking a break, but also a way to reach the goals one has set for oneself.