Eugenio: Prepare to shape your destiny

Judith Eugenio
·2 min read

In the study of Chinese Metaphysics, there are three factors which can influence human success or failure. Each of these factors contributes one-third of a whole in the likelihood of one’s destiny manifesting a certain way. Bazi or “heaven luck” is considered to be predetermined or set in stone, yet this destiny can still be shaped by the third factor which is also known as “man luck,” or in layman’s terms: hard work. What we call hard work is anything that we do with perseverance to achieve a desired outcome.

Our bazi destiny, depending on the specific month of a year, has the potential for us to either win some or lose some. This means that even if we really want something and we dedicate ourselves to accomplish it, one can only either maximize the gains or manage the losses with respect to the time period, and the energy will be something beneficial or disadvantageous to you.

For example, if we understand that based on our bazi destiny we will be earning more than usual during a particular month, we won’t be wanting to stand idle and be waiting for it to come. We would want to take extra steps to maximize the financial gains by making sure that we move ahead of time to improve our brand image, plan more projects, and keep a close eye on our customer service before that time comes.

But if the opposite were true, meaning that we have information that we would lose substantial profits during this specific time, then we need to use our man luck to manage our situation. That would mean that you would need to save two to three months before the month or period you know you would experience this loss, and plan accordingly by securing and managing your finances before the major hit.

Yet with hard work, try not to assume that more work equals more things to gain. Give yourself time to rest. Exhaustion is very real and you might forget to pace yourself when it comes to maximizing profit or managing losses. Just stick to a plan and move ahead of time. Try not to cram during the period that you know you will be experiencing these energies. Just always remember to be kind to yourself and to prepare accordingly.